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5 Podcasts You Need Right Now If You’re Serious About Succeeding

Podcasts have experienced a slow burn. Serial entrepreneurs and self improvement buffs have been onto the spoken-word form of media for close on a decade, however it’s only recently that podcasts have entered the mainstream. According to statistics from the Pew Research Center in 2016, 36 percent of the U.S. population now regularly listens to podcasts and for good reason.

Podcasting has made experts in their field accessible to us mere mortals. We can now have the advice, anecdotes and occasional ramblings of geniuses fed directly into our brain. However with so many out there, how do you sift through the masses to stumble across the nuggets of gold that you can use to elevate yourself to a higher level of motivation and functioning. MH to the rescue! We’ve put together our top five podcasts for success, from physical human conditioning to career advice from truly successful leaders. If you’re serious about self-improvement, load your playlist with these and start smashing goals… immediately. 

The Mind Muscle Project

One of the top health and fitness podcasts in Australia, and perhaps the world. The Mind Muscle Project shares weekly discussions and interviews on self-improvement, fitness and well-being, with niche topics from exciting and influential minds. The Mind Muscle Project offers a journey of exercising the muscle inside your head, complete with profanities, hard hitting questions and serious science.



Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich is a weekly resource where the Doctor himself interviews world health experts, forward thinkers and thought leaders to empower you to live a life less stressed. The idea behind the podcast Unstress is for Dr. Ehrlich to expand and explore the broad range of topics touched on in his book – ‘A Life Less Stressed – the five pillars of health and wellness’. Here, Dr. Ehrlich talks to world leaders to discuss ‘stress’, the ‘pillars of health’ and what thinking ‘holistically’ is all about.

So far in the series, we’ve seen exploration of the role of the chemicals, food and pharmaceutical industries in all levels of health, from government policy and regulatory bodies, professional health associations, public health messages right to the ‘coal face’ of the doctor’s surgery. I’m sure he’s bound to ruffle a few heavyweight feathers, and that’s exactly why we’re hooked!

AdventureFit Radio

For anyone at all levels who is up for adventure and a generally good time, AdventureFit Radio strives to cater to all fitness, travel and adventure needs. The content spans across relaxing on the beach, climbing a snow capped mountain or simply throwing down a workout – AdventureFit Radio coaches, you, motivates you and inspires you.

It’s about getting you out there and experiencing life and striving for the ultimate in health and fitness in unconventional ways. It’s basically what you dream of doing, but have never found the motivation to complete.


Words With Oz

Oz‘s mission is to inspire the world to be more ambitious, and his personable manner makes it feel as though this podcast is a direct conversation with you. This podcast interviews guests with stories that will inspire you, and the depth of his guest speakers could have made this podcast one to cover the whole list. Business leaders, fitness innovators, and great thinkers… no one of excellence is off limits for Oz. The questions and conversation dives deep to the core of what makes each guest so successful.


Power Athlete Radio

Power Athlete Radio is one of the premier podcast specialising in strength and conditioning. The show is hosted by Luke Summers and Tex McQuilkin and features Power Athlete CEO John Welbourn. Another guest based programme, the hosts are open to expanding their own expert knowledge by interviewing scientist, coaches, and educators from far and wide. More fitness specific, there are still lessons here that can be applied to the gym, the boardroom, and the home.

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