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5 Hacks To Up Your Training, Whatever Your Fitness Ability

Vlad Shatrov is a running coach, marathon runner, founder of Runlab and Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Expert who works with Special Olympics Australia.

Regardless of your physical ability, almost all of us have the potential to move, and to improve our physical performance and shape. Whilst not everybody has the opportunity or ability to run a marathon, almost everybody has the ability to strengthen their body and willpower.

My life is about movement, about achieving my goals, and making sure that I follow the best path to get there. However, I know that not everybody’s journey runs smoothly. And for those who are a part of Special Olympics Australia, partnered with Blackmores, their path to achievement involves many hurdles which they have overcome.

What I’ve learned from working with people living with an intellectual disability is that it is important to achieve good physical fitness. Remaining active has myriad health benefits, including improved mental health, being included in your community and maintaining strong social bonds with others. Getting your body moving more regularly, even in a small way, is a wonderful step towards improving your health. Here are some of my go-to exercise tips for fitting a little more movement into your day, which can be done anywhere, at any time.

1. Beat the kettle

How many star jumps, squats or lunges can you do while the kettle is boiling? Ramp up the pace each morning and try to improve little by little before the teapot begins singing.

2. Ads for abs

The next time you’re watching your favourite television show, use the ad breaks to your advantage. Without even leaving the sofa, you can do leg lifts, elbow to knee stretches, arm reaches, and if you shift slightly, you can use the edge of the sofa to do some tricep dips.

3. Brush up on your technique

The great thing about exercise is that there are many times throughout the day where you can multi-task. While brushing your teeth, you could try improving your balance – by standing on one leg while cleaning your top teeth, then swap legs (and to your bottom teeth) and do the same. Or perform some deep squats to strengthen your inner thighs. Tighten your core while you’re doing it for some extra ab and pelvic floor work.

4. Don’t be discouraged

No matter what your own ability is, it’s important to hone one important skill, mental stamina. Making small changes to your daily routine will add up over time and make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

5. Remember to relax

Exercise can be tiring and zap your energy levels. Just as important as training is ensuring you put a little time aside to enable your muscles to repair and recover. Regular rest will help bolster your energy levels and keep you performing at your best. I suggest taking Blackmores Super Magnesium+ to help maintain muscle health.

Blackmores is putting diversity and inclusion on the agenda, partnering with Special Olympics Australia to lead its commitment to motivate Australians to get exercising. For more tips and tricks on training and eating well for The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival download the Running Guide here.

For more information on your journey to Be a Well Being or to register for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on 16 September 2018, visit Run.Blackmores.com.au.  

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