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5 Viral TikTok Squat Challenges To Try Master Today

Who doesn’t love a fun TikTok challenge? These there’s a seemingly endless supply of new (and sometimes downright wacky) ways to test your strength and flexibility on the addictive app.

Last week we explored the world of viral pushup challenges that have been making the rounds on the social platform. But what’s worse that a pushup? A squat, of course (well, for me anyways).

If you’ve ever wanted to take your leg day to the next level, try incorporating some of these routines in to your workout and you’re sure to feel the burn.

These challenges require zero equipment (except for a partner in some), can be done in just about any room of your house, and look super straightforward, but fair warning: they require pretty remarkable balance, mobility, and strength to nail.

Good luck, as always.

Mobility challenge

Commonly referred to as a “squat therapy” in the CrossFit and weightlifting world, the move involves facing an empty wall, raising your arms overhead, placing your palms flat against the wall, and pointing your toes directly towards the wall in preparation to do a wide-legged squat.

Shrimp Squat

1. Step down into a half kneeling position

2. Grab your back foot with 1 or both hands (1 hand makes it’s a little easier)

Balance challenge

While we wouldn’t suggest anyone do this because it’s incredibly dangerous, and not to mention difficult, it’s certainly one we can appreciate.

Partner squat

This squat challenge uses a parter (aka someone who doesn’t mind having your butt in their face) and requires core strength for balance.

Dance challenge

This one requires holding a squat and simultaneously moving your legs to the beat of a song.

Dizzy squat challenge

Less focused on strength and more on how dizzy you get while spinning around in a circle, this one is still a fun one to try with your mates.

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