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6 Upper Body Moves from The Rock’s Latest Workout Video

To some, working out is a chore. To Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? It’s what he considers therapy, or more specifically, “iron therapy,” as he called it in a recent Instagram video.

The video, which promotes his upcoming collaboration with Under Armour, shows us one of his grueling training sessions. Watch for yourself as The Rock goes through six killer upper body moves at the gym—while also giving a sneak peek of the merch.

He starts off with rope triceps pressdowns, which target your arms and triceps. They help build bulging muscles by delivering a serious pump to your arms.

Then he moves to strengthening his core with plank shoulder taps

The Rock follows it up by isolating his back muscles using dumbbell shrugs. Although they’re often called shoulder shrugs, they primarily zone in on the trapezius muscle of the back.

Next up are lateral raises, which focus on strengthening the lateral deltoids. They’re a great move for to do if you want to make your shoulders look broader.

Fill out your pecs like The Rock with Hammer Strength iso-lateral incline presses, as they work on both the shoulders and back.

He completes his routine by doing bench presses with a Swiss bar, which is great for lockout strength and allows a lifter with shoulder problems to press flat, incline, or overhead with little discomfort.

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