A Simple Meal Plan Helped This Guy Drop 73kg

Meal Planning and Portion Control Helped This Guy Drop 73kg

Now he's training for his first triathlon.

Joshua Henderson is only in his early twenties, but insecurity about his weight was causing him to shy away form life’s opportunities. “I was stuck with low confidence because of my weight and isolating myself.” After realising things had to change, the South Australian man started a weight-loss journey that saw him loose an incredible 73kgs thanks to fitness and a dedicated meal plan. The weight loss turned him from a passive worker to a much more successful and outgoing member of his team, he is thriving in his career. “I have gained a new sense of confidence and finally able to make the most out of my twenties.”

Read his story below.

Before losing the weight I was feeling a little hopeless. Entering your twenties is meant to be a time of excitement, where you can make the most of your youth and live life to the fullest. Instead, I was stuck with low confidence because of my weight and isolating myself away from all the opportunities life was throwing at me. I had tried for many years with little success to lose weight, where any changes I would make were unsustainable and any weight I lost I would gain back. 

I weighed 156kgs at the start of my journey. I was shy and didn’t feel successful. I was passive at work and never took on any new projects. I didn’t exercise and my portions were large.

It wasn’t until one day where a co-worker showed me Lite n’ Easy and I was able to see the variety of foods available that I realised losing weight wouldn’t require eating plain, boring foods – plain chicken and rice? No thanks.

I had tried for years to lose weight, but any changes I would make were unsustainable and as a result I would have some success but ultimately gain any weight I lost back. I tried the gym, walking and jogging but wasn’t able to sustain it for longer than a few weeks.

I was booked into lap band surgery when the co-worker showed me that he had lost 7 kgs in the first 7 weeks.

How I made the change

1800 Cal 5 Day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. I used the Lite n’Easy App to track my weight loss and keep up with progress. 

I started with the 1800 Calorie 5 Day Meal Plan and was surprised by the sheer amount of food included. I had placed my order with the expectation that the portions would be a lot smaller but was pleasantly surprised. It gave me the opportunity to change my relationship with food, and not only was I able to lose the weight because of the convenience but the meals tasted amazing too.

With the changes I was seeing in my body, my confidence slowly started to build – fitting into clothes that I had not dreamt of wearing for years and being able to go for a walk without feeling heavy and tired.

I primarily chose Lite n Easy as I had seen the success coworkers who have used it had, but again it was the convenience and delicious meals (of course with the weight loss too) that kept me hooked and ultimately got me to where I am today. I have gained a new sense of confidence where I feel comfortable doing things I wouldn’t have ever imagined a year ago like going to the gym”

I lost a total of 73kgs over 14 months and in November competed in my first triathlon.

Having lost 73kgs over the last 14 months, I feel I have gained a new sense of confidence and finally able to make the most of my twenties. I have taken on new challenges such as joining a gym, developing a passion for running, and later this year competing in my first triathlon – all activities I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before starting the program!

My best advice for others looking to embark on a transformation? Start a meal plan or anything that will help with portion size as that’s what helped me most! Also don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and do what’s best for you in the long run. 

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