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8 Books You Need to Read in 2021 if You Haven’t Already

Looking for something to read while stuck inside?

While being stuck inside means a whole lot of binge-watching, that can’t be all you do during lockdown. There are also these things called books, which—believe it or not—actually tend to give you an even more enriching storytelling experience.

Maybe it’s a book that will help us to reflect on the world happening around us. Maybe it’ll help us escape. Or maybe it’ll just be something we get lost in and completely forget what we were thinking about before opening the cover.

One way or another, this list of books should help through whatever time is ahead.


The first complete guide to burnout, based on groundbreaking new research, With strategies for recovery that will work for you.

Brandon Jack

A brutally honest memoir of football, addiction, art, masculinity and love.

No one listens to your dads show

Prison break

The true stories behind the myths of Gregory Roberts, John Killick and Australia’s most wanted men.

Get started investing

The founders of Australia’s #1 finance podcast network, Equity Mates, show how you can tap into the awesome power of the Stockmarket.

Sweet Jimmy

Taut and crackling with character, these gritty, and sometimes very funny stories from Australian great Bryan Brown are Aussie Noir at its best.

The dark remains

#1 bestseller Ian Rankin and William Mcllvanney join forces for the first ever case of Dl Laidlaw, Glasgow’s original gritty detective.

Gun to the head

Keith’s story of what it was really like to be a tactical Australian police officer int he violent and corrupt eighties.

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