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Is This 90s Trend Set For A Major Comeback?

Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Steven Seagal. Notice anything in common? Apart from dominating our screens for years, these Hollywood A-listers all love a thick goatee. 

And now, the fashionable 90s trend could be set for a massive comeback, according to a recent survey conducted by men’s grooming brand VS Sassoon for Men

Surprisingly it wasn’t men who voted strongly, with 74 per cent of women giving the thumbs up to a possible return.  

Meanwhile, only 16 per cent back frosted tips to come back while just 15 per cent fancied a mullet. 

“It’s the return of the goatee, but not as we know it. Today’s look is edgier and rougher. Think Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain circa the 90s. Slightly disconnected and more lived in, this style is a winner as it can be altered to flatter just about any face shape,” says VSformen style guy Jules Tognini.

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“Like in fashion, grooming trends are cyclical but when we see a particular style resurface it’s never the exact same. At the moment in fashion its denim but we’re not just doing double denim, we’re doing triple – jeans, jacket, shirt, the works! With hair it’s the mullet, with facial hair it’s the goatee,” continues the 3 times Australian Men’s Hair Dresser and Hair Educator of the year. 

“Our research supports what we are seeing at a retail level. In the past 12-months we’ve seen an increase in sales for men’s grooming tools that are used for maintaining facial and body hair,” adds marketing manager, Peter Brewer.

“We’re finding that men of today are more educated and experimental with their grooming and as a result we are selling a more diverse product range than ever before. Generally, Australian men are spending more time grooming and we’re seeing an increased demand in men’s grooming products to cater for this.”

Time to work on the chin warmer…

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