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This Burpee-Deadlift Combo Will Leave You Shattered

The deadlift is an incredible lift, one of the most highly regarded in the fitness world for it’s ability to target most of the major muscle groups. It works more muscles than most other lifts, and is relatively simple when done correctly. Note: When. Done. Correctly.

Meanwhile, burpees are a staple exercise of most quality workout programs because they manage to hit almost every part of your body, while also intensely elevating your heart rate—and it does all that with no equipment. They’re the perfect blend of resistance and cardio that torches fat, and they can be done pretty much anywhere.

So check out the below sweat sesh that will have your muscles aching.


Team of 2  (1 work  / 1 rest)

For Time
20 rounds
6 x Deadlift 120kg/60kg
12 x Burpee Over Bar
18 x Cal Bike Erg

*Players must add 2 burpees per set for every 10kg under prescribed weights. If a guy lifts 100kg deadlift they must complete 16 burpees per round. 

Prescribed weight = No extra burpees

You can access more sessions like this from anywhere in the world via the 98 Online program.

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