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A 27-Time Arm Wrestling Champion Coached A Fitness YouTuber For A Day: Here’s What Happened

Allen Fisher has held the title of World Arm Wrestling Champion 27 times. In this video, he coaches YouTuber Brandon William on how to build grip strength and improve technique.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, Brandon William reflects on his recent defeats in arm wrestling matches against fellow fitness influencers Chris Heria and Magnus Midtbo, and decides to get some advice from an expert. He seeks out arm wrestling giant Allen Fisher, a.k.a. “Mr. Intensity,” who holds a staggering 27 world championship titles and 40 national titles, and spends the day training with him.

First, he sets a PR which will serve as a benchmark of how much he is able to improve over the course of just one day of training. Then Fisher has William perform a set of barbell curls using an EZ bar as rapidly as possible, and determines that he has slow twitch muscles. He also identifies William’s weakest point in the pattern of motion of arm wrestling—the middle—and instructs him to focus on the power that he demonstrates at the very beginning of the movement.

“After testing me, and getting to know my strengths and weaknesses, Allen taught me how to utilize all my strengths to the fullest extent,” says William. “Allen taught me exactly what my strongest move would be in arm wrestling, so to engrain it further in my brain, I practiced it over and over with a resistance band.”

This is followed by a series of exercises designed to strengthen the tendons and ligaments as well as the muscles. “I learned that wrist and hand strength are two of the most important hand factors in winning an arm wrestling match, and unfortunately, my wrist is one of my weakest points,” says William.

In addition to the physical side of training, Fisher elaborates on the mindset he has cultivated which has helped him in his competitive career. “I don’t believe in negatives, I don’t believe in ifs, I don’t believe in maybes,” he says. “None of that matters to me, because the moment it does, it throws in the doubt. There should be no doubts whatsoever when you’re competing against somebody, you’re competing for who you are and what you’ve become. If you let some guy on the other side of the table lessen that, then who are you?”

At the end of the day, William improves on his prior performance and is able to beat his two friends at arm wrestling—but then he must face the “final boss” of the challenge, Fisher’s wife Carolyn, who is an arm wrestling champion in her own right—and despite the progress he has made, he is still no match for her.

This article was first published on Men’s Health US.

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