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A Calisthenics Athlete Shares 5 High-Protein Meals To Stay Shredded 

Athlete Chris Heria recently shared his pick of the best recipes under 500 calories to help you lose fat and build muscle.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Chris Heria, you need only know that the man is impossibly ripped, sporting the kind of gym-honed physique stars of the screen require extensive CGI and photoshopping to acquire. The American-based entrepreneur, fitness trainer, social media personality and YouTuber has created a loyal following by sharing his insights into fitness, diet and wellbeing, even leading him to create the “THENX” fitness program, which has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals. 

Heria might be a fresh face, but he’s certainly got the credentials to back his philosophy around health and wellness. Trained in calisthenics and weight lifting, Heria has channeled his passion into a lucrative business where the results speak for themselves. Just recently, he took to YouTube to share with his followers some quick and easy meals that he eats to stay lean, while simultaneously building strength and muscle. Taking viewers into a week’s worth of lunches, Heria shows how he supports his gains with five lunches that are under 500 calories. 

Sirloin steak with grilled onions and Greek salad (416 calories)

To cut back on calories, Heria uses a zero-calorie avocado spray to brown the onions and sear the steak, a welcome alternative to the likes of butter or oil. “It’s very important to be conscious of exactly what you’re cooking with,” Heria explains. “A lot of condiments and different things you can use to enhance the flavour can also add a bunch of unwanted calories.”

Open tuna sandwich (379 calories)

As Heria explains, tuna is a go-to ingredient with immeasurable benefits, not least of which is the fact that it’s incredibly affordable and cost-effective when it comes to supporting gains. “Plus the calories are so low you can technically make two,” he says of the open tuna sandwich. “This is a super light meal that’s packed with protein and will get you absolutely shredded.”

Chicken and protein pasta with spinach (495 calories)

When it comes to pasta dishes, most are light on the greens. To pack more vegetables into the dish, Heria is a fan of adding a cup of spinach with some garlic to not only add flavour, but also get more greens into the meal. “I don’t always eat pasta, but when I do, it’s protein pasta,” says Heria. 


Baked chicken wings (475 calories)

While this meal happens to be more time-consuming than the others in Heria’s repertoire, he ensures that it’s worth it when it comes to flavour. “A perfect and delicious meal for those of you on the ketogenic diet,” he explains. 

Chicken stuffed sweet potato (455 calories)

Taking inspiration from stuffed baked potato skins, Heria loves this meal due to the flavour it delivers and the fact that it is packed with protein. “These dishes are super simple to make and they taste absolutely delicious,” he says. “And best of all, they’re high in protein and low in calories, which are the main ingredients for growing solid lean muscle and simultaneously getting shredded.”

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