A Complete Guide To The Triceratops Sex Position

A complete guide to the Triceratops sex position

This new steamy standing position will take your bedroom game to the next level and can be done anytime and (almost) anywhere.

OUT OF ALL the standing sex positions, there’s one that arguably reigns supreme for doggy-style lovers: the triceratops position. If you’re a top who likes booty or a bottom who prefers deep penetration, this one’s definitely worth exploring. (It’s also an excellent quickie position if you’re somewhere semi-public and only have a minute or two to get it on.)

While the triceratops position isn’t extremely challenging to pull off, it’s still a standing sex position, which means it requires some strength and flexibility from both partners. But unlike some other standing sex positions, no one has to hold anybody in the air.

Want to learn how to do the triceratops position? We reached out to three experts: sex and relationship therapist Gregory Kilpatrick, LMFT; Dr. Lee Phillips, a psychotherapist and certified sex and couple’s therapist; and Gigi Engle, a certified sex and relationship psychotherapist and resident intimacy expert at dating app 3Fun. Below, they explain the benefits and challenges of this standing sex move and offer modifications for those who want to adjust it to meet their needs.

How to Do the Triceratops sex position

Both partners start by standing upright, with the receiver standing in front of the giver and facing away. The receiver should bend over with a flat back, making a 90-degree angle with their body. The giver then enters the receiver from behind. Once everyone’s comfortable, the giver can grab the receiver’s wrists, pulling on them (carefully) for leverage as they thrust. (FYI: some people have weak wrists, or don’t like being grabbed there for other reasons. If that’s the case, the giver can hold the receiver’s arms or shoulders instead.)

The position looks like this:

Benefits of the Triceratops sex position

Ideal for deep penetration

This position allows the giver to thrust fully into their partner, getting up in there. If you have a vulva, the triceratops position will stimulate the G-spot and internal parts of the clitoris. Now, many people need external clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, but if you’re someone who loves deep penetration (and can orgasm from penetration alone), this position may cause you to achieve intense orgasms, Phillips explains.

Extra frenulum stimulation

For the penetrative partner, there is “significant stimulation to the underside of the penis, including the frenulum [which is] underside of the penis head, where there is a concentration of nerve endings,” Kilpatrick says. Be careful, though: a lot of quick frenulum stimulation can lead to premature ejaculation, and you don’t want to blow your load too soon, so make sure to take it slow (at least in the beginning).

It works as well for anal sex as It does for vaginal sex

Most doggy-style positions work well for anal sex, and the triceratops is no exception. That’s because you have full access to your partner’s anus. This makes it easy for the top to insert themselves and not slip out when penetrating.

“When it comes to thrusting, start slow and gradually increase the pace, allowing you to build anticipation and make the experience more pleasurable for your partner,” Phillips says.

It can be done (almost) anywhere

A great thing about this position is that you can do it pretty much anywhere, Engle says: “In the kitchen, the shower, the laundry room.” You don’t need a bed. You don’t even need to get completely undressed. (The bottom can hike up their skirt or pull down their gym shorts. The top can unzip and not take off anything if they don’t want to.)

It’s a dom/sub position

This position is all about dominance and submission, Phillips explains. The top has control here and can forcefully thrust. They also have the bottom “locked” into position, immobilizing them when holding onto their partner’s arms or wrists. (If you’re a sub who likes to feel restricted or bound while getting fucked, then this position is particularly appealing.) It’s a fun position to get verbal, Phillips adds. Engage in dirty talk: Tell your partner how good they feel, how slutty they are, or whatever else floats your boat.

Potential challenges of the Triceratops position

Height differences

The biggest potential problem with this position is height differences getting in the way, Engle says. If you and your partner are vastly different heights, getting the angle correct might be tricky. “And when you don’t have the right angle, one person is straining on their toes or bending down and getting a thigh burn,” she says. (If the bottom is much shorter, perhaps there’s something they can stand on to raise them.)


Like any standing position for penetrative sex, there is always a possibility of fatigue. “I imagine in terms of body flexibility and muscular strength, this probably would not be the only position partners would like to use during a play session but may be part of a sexual buffet of positions,” Kilpatrick says. In other words, do it for a bit until you’re tired, then move on to something less strenuous.

If you don’t want to switch positions entirely, some minor tweaks can help prolong your time in the triceratops position. If the giver releases the receivers’s wrists, Kilpatrick says the receiver can use a wall or bed to stabilise themselves and relieve some of the pressure on their arms and shoulders.

This story originally appeared on Men’s Health U.S 

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