Reducing These Foods For A Limited Time Will Reveal Abs | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Abs Really Are Made In The Kitchen, And We’ve Got The Recipe

You have that European holiday coming up, and you’re now left wondering… can you reveal your abs in one week? That’s a rather leading question. If you have a lot to lose, you’re certainly cutting it fine – but there may still be hope. At this late hour, your best bet is to focus on eliminating water retention.

While we’re normally strong proponents of carbs, a few days (and we mean a few days only) of deprivation
will help you on your way to a shrink- wrapped torso, says PT James Alexander- Ellis. “Start basing your meals around protein and leafy greens, but make sure you add salt,” he advises.

“The kidneys excrete more sodium with a low-carb intake.” You’ll also want to up your water intake to 3-4 litres a day: ‘This flushes excess fluid from the body, reducing bloating.” As for your workouts, your buzz term here is “carb depletion”.

This is the kind of training bodybuilders do pre-show, essentially burning out their glycogen stores. To shed that padding around your middle, Alexander-Ellis suggests high reps of bodyweight moves like burpees, dips and squats, super-setting body parts so no second
is squandered. Then follow up with a few sprint intervals to drop that excess baggage just in time for take-off.

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