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Adam Driver Used To Eat A Whole Rotisserie Chicken Every Single Day

Adam Driver is an intense guy. This will not come as news to anybody. It also probably won’t surprise many people to reveal that he has always been this way; during a recent episode of movie podcast The Film Rreroll, one of Driver’s classmates from The Juilliard School recalled his somewhat strange habit of showing up to class eating a whole rotisserie chicken. And not just once or twice, but every single day.

“He would walk around school with an entire chicken in one hand and a jug of water in the other,” said Scott Aiello, an actor who has appeared in Person of Interest and The Good Fightwhen the Star Wars and Marriage Story star came up in conversation.

Driver himself has told a similar story; during an interview with GQ in 2014 he described the daily schedule that he came up with after leaving the Marine Corps and getting into Juilliard:

To make going to school in New York City even more of a challenge, Driver devised a militaristic routine for personal and intellectual growth. “I wanted to make it extreme,” he says. To stay fit, he’d run from his apartment in Queens to the school’s Manhattan campus. He’d often start his day with six eggs and later prepare and consume an entire chicken. Nights he spent binge-watching classic movies or at the library reading plays. Since he’d been a lousy student and grew up sheltered from a lot of secular art and music, “I felt like I was behind,” he says.

Chicken is, of course, a keto-friendly source of protein, and Driver has a famously jacked physique (his broad build even became a meme following the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi). Plenty of fitness-focused guys eat a chicken-heavy diet, so why does this feel so, well, weird? It’s a quintessential Adam Driver move, one that might have as much to do with his esoteric acting choices as with his dietary requirements.

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