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Adidas Has Teamed Up With Peloton For An Exclusive Cycling Collection

Because the world seems to love a fitness craze, we can’t get enough of Peloton. It was the buzz word that caught the world by storm, almost giving the global coronavirus pandemic a run for its money as far as global headlines go. As lockdown came to grip the world, many chose to ramp up their lockdown workouts by investing in some pretty extensive gear and as far as elaborate equipment and regimens that work go, Peloton seems streets ahead of the rest. 

Spin classes have long been a popular pastime for those looking to get fit, but Peloton has bumped things up rather significantly by way of luxury and convenience. The idea is fairly straightforward: purchase a fully kitted out spin bike, which costs around $2,895 AUD, and set it up at home. From there, you pay an additional $59 per month for an all-access membership to the app which houses hundreds of workouts such as cycling, yoga, strength, and just about anything else you can think up. Now, in the coming months it’s set to arrive Down Under, meaning we can now finally adopt the craze that has largely taken over the world. If all that wasn’t enough to excite you though, Adidas has now released an exclusive cycling collection with Peloton. 

The sportswear giant has signed a massive ongoing deal with Peloton, with the aim to help “people to be the best version of themselves.”

Kicking off the partnership is an exclusive apparel collection from the two companies. The collection includes a range of activewear and lifestyle pieces, including hoodies, T-shirts, jogging bottoms and shorts. All have received the tick of approval from Peloton’s expert instructors, including Ally Love and Cody Rigsby. 

And as Peloton is, after all, an exercise tool, it makes sense that the capsule collection is one tailored to seeing you reach your fitness goals. The garments have been designed using Adidas’ performance technology, with compression fit-tights featuring perforations behind the knees to vent heat and moisture, while vests and T-shirts are made from 100 per cent moisture-absorbing recycled polyester. Shorts are have an antimicrobial gusset to prevent bacterial growth in the crotch area – not too shabby a design feature if you ask us. 

The eleven-piece collection is available for purchase at and will be sure to have you hitting that saddle as some kind of sartorial stylist. 

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