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Drinking More Than This Amount Of Alcohol Can Cause Premature Death

While most people are sensible and use their weekends to recover and recharge, some aren’t as wise and spend the weekend lining up shots and booting 3:00am kebabs.

Now, in the biggest of its kind, a new study featuring half a million alcoholics consumers across 19 countries has found to lower your risk of premature death, alcohol intake should be capped at 100g a week. Previous guidelines suggest you should limit yourself to two standard drinks a day. 

Published in The Lancet, researchers analysed how alcohol might affect your life expectancy based on consumption. 

A 40-year-old consuming 100-200g is likely to shave six months of their life expectancy compared to a person who has less than 100g a week. Alarmingly drinking 200 – 350g a week (20-35 standard drinks) would see you lose two years while more than 350g a week meant five years less.

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“An important message from this study is that optimal life expectancy is associated with a relatively low level of alcohol consumption (less than 100g per week), and that higher levels of consumption increase mortality risk,” says co-author of the study and professor from the University of Western Australia, Bu Yeap. 

However, it’s important to note that the study relies on self-reported data so alcohol consumption may not be entirely accurate. 

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