Alan Ritchson Shares A Shirtless Photo From The Set Of Reacher

Alan Ritchson shares a shirtless photo from the set of ‘Reacher’

The actor is getting ready to film the third season of the hugely popular action series. And the results are impressive.

THE ACTION-PACKED drama Reacher is coming back to Prime sooner than expected, with the first three episodes of Season 2 dropping on the platform on December 15. And fans of the show have been thrilled to learn that a third season of the series, based on the hugely popular Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child, has already been commissioned by Amazon. And filming has already begun.

Actor Alan Ritchson, who plays the hulking titular hero, announced on Instagram that he and the cast have already started shooting Season 3. And he’s just shared another update from the set of Reacher which has got his fans hot under the collar, posing shirtless while makeup artist Kat Crisp covers up his tattoos, muscular physique on display. It’s fair to say that he’s been keeping up with the workouts to maintain that jacked, giant Jack Reacher physique.

When he was first cast in the role, Ritchson had eight months notice to get into shape, and he committed to that project, building a gym in his own house and upping his caloric intake and weights training sessions, supported by a strong foundation of bodyweight workouts.

“I think for most of us, muscle growth has been the goal. My goal is actually volume,” he told Men’s Health US. “It’s not about punishing ourselves in the gym or taking ourselves to the point of literally destroying our bodies, it’s about just consistent, vigorous activity for short, healthy amounts of time.”

As well as his role in Reacher, Ritchson has also been busy on big-screen projects, starring as the lead opposite Hillary Swank in the Lionsgate film, Ordinary Angels, which will release theatrically on February 23rd. This follows his leading role in FAST X, the 10th installment of the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise.



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