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This Dangerous Habit Could Leave You With an Amputated Penis

Remember when that guy got his penis stuck in a weight plate and firefighters had to come saw it off him? Apparently, it wasn’t a one-of-a-kind accident, because there’s an actual name for doing that.

Penile strangulation is the practice of inserting one’s dick into a tiny, constricting object. It could be a weight plate or something even smaller, like a bottle opening or a vacuum cleaner. (Here are some other places you should never put your penis.) There aren’t any scientific studies to tell us how often guys partake in penile strangulation, but over 300 case studies have been published on the matter, most of them written by emergency physicians.

“It is rare and we have less documentation than there are incidences,” clinical psychologist Judy Ho told Tonic, adding that “ERs have seen more of this in the last few decades.”

According to Ho, penile strangulation could either be seen as a BDSM activity or a predictor of a harmful compulsive sexual disorder, where men who have experienced sexual or non-sexual trauma seek out painful sexual practices. It’s even performed by compulsive masturbators or guys who’ve become desensitized to regular means of stimulation, so they go for the most extreme methods.

So how dangerous is it? Believe it or not, jamming your dick into a small hole could possibly be even worse than breaking it. If you stick a flaccid or semi-erect penis into a tight opening, you might not be able to remove it after it becomes erect; if this happens, new blood with fresh oxygen won’t get through. With a lack of circulation in your penis, you could develop erectile dysfunction and long-term pain while urinating. Or worse: Your penis could actually turn black or blue and the tissue could die, which means penile amputation is likely to occur.

The good thing is, it’s easy to prevent. Just don’t put your penis in any constricting objects, including too-tight cock rings. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to exploring sexual fantasies.

In the wise words of the German firefighters who spent three hours cutting the weight plate off the aforementioned guy’s dick, “Don’t imitate such actions!”

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