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Apparently, Men Aren’t Into Boobs Anymore, But the Internet Strongly Disagrees

The times they are a-changin’, so says the song. Need proof? Today’s fractured political climate, the looming threat of automation on the American workpl—wait, what’s that? Millennials don’t like boobs? Okay, forget everything I just said and listen up because, according to data from Pornhub, boob-related searches account for a mere 1.5 percent of all searches on the site. Meaning, breasts are out, Western civilisation is officially kaput, etc. And Twitter is having a field day with it.

(But if you’re an old fashioned guy, here’s an explainer on what you should be doing with her breasts.)

Now, this data has been available for a week, but it only penetrated the consciousness of social media in the past couple days, after a Playboystory asked why young men just aren’t into breasts. Concurrently, Business Insider reported that the once-popular “breastaurant” Hooters is facing stagnating sales and restaurant closures due to a general lack of interest among young consumers. In the face of this titanic shift, Twitter users responded with reactions that ranged from confusion to mockery to disagreement, indicating that Pornhub’s numbers may not tell the whole story.

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One user even provided his own theory to explain the possible decline in interest.

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Fascinating. This woman provides what may be the more likely explanation, though.

As for Hooters, well, the answer is pretty simple for some.

So, while our sexual desires have no doubt changed in some fashion from generation-to-generation, it may be a leap to say that boobs are no longer en vogue. And, anyway, 78 percent of women find it more exciting to pull of their tops and show off their breasts than to take off their underwear. Take note, guys, because that may mean it could go a long way for you to show the proper appreciation for her assets. 

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