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Is It More Common To Be A ‘Grower’, Or A ‘Shower’?

Scientists tell us, as well as who is larger when erect - by Ken Adams

As men, we’re very aware that we fit into either two categories when it comes to our manhood. We’re either a ‘grower’ or a ‘shower’.

For those unsure of what we’re talking about, the terms are used to describe the state of a penis before and after an erection. Being a ‘grower’ signifies a man whose penis varies greatly in length between being the erect and flaccid states, while men whose size remains relatively similar in length, no matter how toey, are defined as ‘showers’.

But how common is it to be a ‘grower’? Surprisingly a new report says that ‘growers’ are in the minority, by a long way, with only 26 per cent of men fitting the definition.

The new study, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, analysed the erectile habits of 274 different penises (peni?) and broke down the stats. Using a penile duplex Doppler ultrasound (PDDU), the data was gathered over a 2 year study of patients with erectile dysfunction. The accompanying discoveries were interesting to say the least.

The Growers

While the research suggests that the average change in penis size between flaccid and erect was 4cm across the board, a ‘grower’ was therefore defined as a man who’s penis extended by greater than 4cm.

Their findings identify the average growth of a shower to be 5.3cm. And even though the ‘growers’ may appear smaller during their flaccid state, apparently they’re more likely to be larger during an erection by 2.4cm. An average erect ‘grower’ clocks in at 15.5cm.

The Showers

Already sizable in their natural state, ‘shower’ penises were identified as those who grew less than 4cm during an erection. According to the stats, a surprising 74 per cent of men were categorised as ‘showers’. As mentioned before, whilst they have the luxury of a larger flaccid appearance, erect ‘showers’ measure an average of 13.1cm.

So what exactly determines whether a man will be born with a ‘grower’ or a ‘shower’? The jury is still out there.

“There were no differences between the groups with regards to race, smoking history, co-morbidities, erectile function, flaccid penile length, degree of penile rigidity,” said the team.

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