Lachlan Rowston, Author at Men's Health Magazine Australia

How to stay active on a business trip

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Lachlan Rowston
Co-founder & director Lockeroom gym and host of Mind Muscle Project. Rowston opened his first gym at the age of 21. Cut to now, ten years on, and he’s not only launched a string of peerless Lockeroom gyms but co-hosts Australia’s number one fitness podcast, The Mind Muscle Project. Lockeroom – a unique, all-in-one health and fitness solution – sees Rowston and his teams work exclusively with business founders, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to optimise their physical and mental potential through effective training, nutrition and sleep protocols.
Zuck, Branson and Bezos train harder than you

Zuck, Branson and Bezos train harder than you

The world’s richest men are using fitness to get ripped, stay sharp in the work place and prolong their longevity. Here, a top trainer breaks down their routines, assessing what they’re doing right and what needs work.