The Top 5 Daily Habits Of High Performing Executives

The top 5 daily health habits of high performing execs

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are on top for a reason. They set high standards for themselves at work and in the gym

THE LAST THREE years I’ve welcomed the opportunity to regularly train more than 300 of Sydney’s top executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners.

It’s been an exciting period and one that’s come with many great learnings.

And I thought it would be helpful to share what I’ve gleaned from the top 10 per cent of the clients at my gym, Lockeroom – those who’ve had the biggest transformations and been the most successful in their fitness journeys.

While each goes about things in their own way – there are also many qualities that overlap, and it’s these I want to pass along.

The top five habits successful C-suiters do every day


1 Make training a non-negotiable

C-Suiters treat training appointments as they do a board (or very important client) meeting. Once it’s in the diary, only a last-minute, unmitigated disaster will see it moved. Very rarely do they miss a planned session.

2 Get their steps in

When it comes to lifestyle changes, this is perhaps one of the most important in maintaining a healthy weight. And let’s be honest here, when we talk ‘steps’, we’re just using another word for movement. These clients know it’s not simply enough to lift weights for 45 minutes and then sit back at a desk for the next 10 hours. Walking is a critical piece of the puzzle.

3 Invest in health and fitness

Whether it’s $40 or $400, my top clients see money and time spent on health and fitness activities as an investment in their mood, productivity and longevity. To them, this is never a cost they ever look to cut.

4 Eat protein

There seems to always be a media battle between diet tribes (low carb vs fat) but very little is said about the importance of protein. What’s disturbing is this is the most important dietary change anyone can make. And my top clients adhere to the 1.6 – 2g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

5 Track health data

They use wearable technology that we recommend and support to measure their progress. From sleep, to resting heart rate, to testosterone levels – if there’s a way to put a number on it, they will. The saying, ‘what gets measured, gets managed’ is true.

The take-out

What I like about these shared habits is that anyone can do them. They’re don’t involve a special, expensive device or a magic supplement. They are simple, basic but very effective habits that will make a difference – and anyone can do them.

The ‘magic’ comes with how often and how consistently you get them get done.


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By Lachlan Rowston

Co-founder & director Lockeroom gym and host of Mind Muscle Project. Rowston opened his first gym at the age of 21. Cut to now, ten years on, and he’s not only launched a string of peerless Lockeroom gyms but co-hosts Australia’s number one fitness podcast, The Mind Muscle Project. Lockeroom – a unique, all-in-one health and fitness solution - sees Rowston and his teams work exclusively with business founders, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to optimise their physical and mental potential through effective training, nutrition and sleep protocols.

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