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Something Very Odd Happened On Pornhub After The Release Of Avengers

Since the release of Avengers: Infinity War on Anzac Day, the superhero blockbuster has topped one billion dollars in record time. But fans aren’t just flocking to the cinema to catch more Marvel. Seems Pornhub is cashing in as well. 

According to the porn site, searches for Avengers have sky rocketed 356 per cent since the release of the third instalment.

“Historically, DC characters like Harley Quin, Wonder Woman and Batman are searched more often on Pornhub than Marvel characters, but Avengers and its characters were searched over 6 million times in 2017,” reads the website

Porn Hub Avengers

Porn Hub

And it’s no surprise that Black Widdow was the most popular search, the character played by beauty Scarlett Johansson. Interestingly Spider-Man came in second which seems to be popular with both sexes. 

Porn Hub Avengers Search

Porn Hub

Unfortunately, despite Thanos’ hard work in the movie ( ooops, slight spoiler? Dw that could mean anything), he didn’t feature high on the list. 

“Our statisticians found that women are 28 percent more likely to search for Avengers when compared to men, and millennials under the age of 35 are far more likely to search when compared to older age groups,” Pornhub continues.

Guess everyone suddenly has an Avenger’s fettish?

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