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STUDY: A Beer a Day is Good For Your Heart and Brain

Are you a lover of beer looking for an excuse to enjoy a cold one? Well, here’s an early Christmas present.


While beer is closely tied with the nation’s obesity rates, a recent study has brought to light a previously unheralded benefit linked to downing draughts.


Research from Pennsylvania State University has found that enjoying a pint of beer a day could help reduce your risk of suffering a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease. 


The study, consisting of 80,000 subjects, revealed that the body’s natural decline in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) – or “good” cholesterol – is slowed by low-to-moderate intake of alcohol.


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The results showed that 1-2 daily units of beer for men, and up to one for women, is associated with a slower decline in HDL compared to drinking too heavily or not drinking at all.


While the results applied to both beer and spirits, the effects were far more prominent for those who drank beer. 


Just remember: that’s 1-2 units of beer a day, not cases.

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