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Here’s Another Scientific Benefit Of Drinking Beer, Because You Deserve Good News

Scrolling through your news feed has been a total drag lately. Your family members are still warring with each other over politics, your gullible friends are sharing articles from fake websites, and the rest of the randos won’t stop posting videos of themselves partaking in mannequin challenges.



You could use some good news – and a stiff drink. That’s where new research from Penn State University comes in.


The study, which was presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016 in New Orleans, suggests that moderate beer consumption may help you maintain your levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.


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For 6 years, researchers tracked 80,000 Chinese adults, who all self-reported their drinking status (ranging from abstainers to heavy drinkers). Though HDL levels dropped among all groups over time, the moderate drinkers – those who reported having one to two alcohol servings a day – experienced the slowest decline, leading to a lower risk for heart disease.


And when the scientists broke down the results by the types of alcohol consumed, they found that people who identified as moderate beer drinkers saw an even slower HDL decline than liquor drinkers. (Not enough wine lovers checked in to test vino’s effects.)

The researchers don’t have an explanation for why the link exists, and as always, “moderation” isn’t the same as pounding an entire six-pack in one sitting.


Still, we’ll never not report on a study that encourages us to drink beer for our health’s sake.


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