The Mountain Nails Huge Deadlift And Wins Arnold Strongman Classic | Men's Health Magazine Australia

The Mountain Wins The Arnold Classic And Breaks Record On His Way

The Mountain has taken out the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic.

In a series of commanding performances, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson pipped last year’s winner Brian Shaw and contender Mikhail Shivlyakov from Russia.

Most impressively however, which had onlookers stunned, was his 1041 pound (or 472kg) deadlift, setting a new world record. 

Björnsson kicked off the weekend strongly with a 95 pound ( or 43 kg) sandbag throw, just a couple kilos shy of the world record he set last year. 

Björnsson’s early lead was enough to give him some room for comfort after failing to win the Stone to Shoulder and Timber Carry events. 

Next up for The Mountain is the World’s Strongest Man, on May 5 in the Philippines. 

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