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The Best Anal Sex Position For Her Pleasure

Many couples default to a doggy-style position for anal sex. But that’s not your only option, says sexologist and relationship expert Carlen Costa, Ph.D.

In fact, using an anal sex position that gives her more control over the depth of your penetration can make back-door entry more enjoyable for her, says Costa. One move in particular allows her to take the lead on the tempo, angle, and depth of your penis while giving you easy access to her clitoris for some extra stimulation, Costa says. 

That position is called “The Matterhorn.” Yep, after the mountain in Europe. 

It puts your partner in control and widens her hips, making it more comfortable for her tush, Costa says. It also brings you and your partner’s bodies closer together than you would be in doggy style.

How to do it: Pile pillows on top of each other in front of her chest. She’ll lean over them with her hands on top of the pile.

Her torso should be at a 45-degree angle to the bed or floor. She’ll kneel with her legs spread more than hip-distance apart, and you’ll enter her from behind. Itll look like this:

Yes, it’s very similar to doggy style. But some key tweaks put geometry on your side here.

This position allows your partner to hold her body up at a straighter angle, says Costa. This gives her the power to rock herself back and forth while you presses your body against hers. 

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A few extra pointers: Tease her anus beforehand to allow her anal cavity to become more relaxed and open to fully accepting the pleasure, says Costa.

Additionally, be sure to use plenty of lube, and make sure you allow her to be in control of the penetration so you dont hurt her, says Costa. Don’t be afraid to ask her to reach around and guide your penis in with her hand or check in about how fast or deep she wants it. 

As mentioned above, this position also allows you to easily stimulate her clitoris, to help her achieve a blended orgasm, Costa says. You can do this by using a vibrator or your fingers. 

This article was originally published by Women’s Health.

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