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Our pick of the best gymwear brands for men

We’ve rounded up the gymwear suppliers on the market that will help you conquer all your fitness goals and crush any workout.

Whether you’re purely a weightlifter, a crossfit veteran, or a cardio acolyte, a dependable, high-quality set of gymwear is a must. Getting fit takes more than the right mindset and a bit of hard yakka. To accomplish your health and fitness goals, you need the right set of gear to aid you. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best gymwear brands, to help you find the perfect match for your fitness journey.

Selecting the right gymwear can dictate the effectiveness of your workout. There’s nothing worse than trying to get a sweat on with subpar gear that makes training more trouble than it’s worth—think of those shorts that endlessly ride up, or that shirt that’s more suffocating than breathable. With the right clothing, you can crush any goal and make a gruelling workout feel like a breeze. But you need to know what to look for, which can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the gym-going experience.


What should you look for in gym clothes?


For optimal workout performance, you need to consider every aspect of your clothing from top to bottom. That starts with wearing the appropriate footwear. Comfort is just as important as performance when it comes to shoes and socks.

The perfect pair of shoes will depend on your workout preferences. If you’re a treadmill runner, opt for something solid and durable. Prefer to hit the track or pound the pavement? Go for a lightweight, flexible pair. If you want to head offroad into the great outdoors, a rugged pair with a purpose-built sole is your best bet. If you’re simply looking for dependable shoes for the gym or weight room, you’ll want a pair of sneakers that allow for easy mobility and support, while maintaining comfort. As for socks, a dry-fit, absorbent set is a necessity no matter what workouts you prefer, to soak up all that sweat you’ll doubtlessly be producing.

For the rest of your outfit, clothes that are comfortable and lightweight are essential. When it comes to the fit, you have two options: loose-fitting and breezy, or tight fitting, breathable and moisture wicking. The gear you choose to compliment your outfit with is entirely up to you. But it’s a good idea to invest into some quality earphones, a water bottle, a gym bag and whatever other accessories you deem necessary.

Now, let’s get into the best gymwear brands for men.





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Lululemon stands out as a top-tier gym clothing brand for several reasons. First and foremost, their commitment to quality and innovation is up there with the best of them. Ensuring that their products are not only durable, but also incorporate cutting-edge technology and materials designed to enhance performance and comfort during workouts, whether that’s high-intensity training or yoga. The brand’s sustainability initiatives will also resonate with the equally health and eco-conscious gym-goers.

Shop: lululemon.com/men





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GymShark has a range of clothing specifically designed to facilitate optimal performance in any type of workout. No matter what you’ve got planned, GymShark products will ensure you’re feeling comfortable and supported, with sweat-wicking fabrics particularly desirable for when you’re kicking it up a gear.

Shop: gymshark.com.au/men





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Sleek, stylish, and most importantly, dependable. Echt makes gymwear that you can rely on for uncompromising performance, even when you’re not feeling up to it. With Echt, not only will you have all you need to achieve your goals, there’s also a good chance you’ll be the best dressed guy in the gym.

Shop: echt.com.au





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A popular choice, and for good reason. Nike didn’t become one of the world’s biggest companies by routinely pumping out subpar gymwear, they did it by providing customers with top-notch products that kept them coming back for more. Nike is the quintessential gym clothing brand, and you can’t go wrong with an established force.

Shop: nike.com/au





Canterbury is nothing less than a classic Antipodean activewear brand. Founded in New Zealand all the way back in 1904, Canterbury seamlessly blends heritage with contemporary flair. Their products are built to last, so if you’re the type of guy who’s replacing his gymwear every few months, opt for Canterbury for the added durability.

Shop: canterburynz.com.au





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Another classic choice. Adidas supplies the kit for superstar athletes all over the world, and if it’s good enough for the best, it’s good enough for the rest. Adidas gymwear is all about reaching your full workout potential, no matter what high-intensity activities you partake in. Besides, that iconic three stripe logo is a welcome addition to any outfit.

Shop: adidas.com.au





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Vaunted for their innovative breakthrough into the men’s activewear market, Australian-owned LSKD has recently stamped its name on the gymwear scene. With clothing that’s both stylish and dependable, LSKD can pass as sportswear and streetwear, meaning you don’t need to worry about the dress code for that post-workout run to the shops. LSKD is a brand that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Shop: lskd.co





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When it comes to innovation and utilising the latest advancements in technology, 2XU are industry leaders. With a focus, nay obsession, with compression apparel and performance fabrics, 2XU aims to amplify your performance. The brand can trace its roots to triathlon attire, and it shows, with durable, flexible and adaptable clothing that’s suitable for any endeavour, great or small.

Shop: 2xu.com/men


Under Armour



Founded in 1996, Under Armour is a relative newcomer in the gymwear scene compared to the other big boys, but there’s a reason why it’s managed to become one of the biggest gym clothing brands in the world so quickly.

To understand where Under Armour’s commitment to people-first innovation comes from, let’s recap with a quick history lesson. Under Armour founder Kevin Plank, who played as an American football fullback at the University of Maryland in the 90s, grew tired of constantly replacing his sweat-soaked shirts during workouts, while noticing that his compression shorts always seemed to stay dry. It didn’t take him long to connect the dots and transfer the moisture-wicking synthetic fabric of the shorts to other articles of clothing, and it was a hit. Those same forward-thinking principles are still in effect at Under Armour today.

Shop: underarmour.com.au


Alo Yoga



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Finishing off our list is a brand that specialises in activewear designed for yoga. If you’re a fan of the all-encompassing wellness benefits of yoga, then you’ll be a fan of Alo Yoga, a brand that prides itself on its ability to combine style and comfort. With a range that will elevate your performance while doubling as everyday clothing, Alo Yoga is an excellent choice for gymwear.

Shop: aloyoga.com/mens



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