8 Of The Best Recovery Tools To Add To Your Training Routine

8 recovery tools you need to add to your training routine immediately

Proper recovery is just as important as the workout itself. We’ve compiled ten recovery tools that will bolster your training routine.

RECOVERY IS OFTEN overlooked, but it should really be an indispensable aspect of any respectable fitness routine. If you’re pushing your body to its physical limit, the key to sustained progress lies not only in rigorous training but in the meticulous care taken afterwards. Fortunately, the landscape of recovery products is packed with an array of innovative solutions designed to optimise performance and enhance wellbeing.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top recovery tools that have garnered acclaim for their ability to aid in post-workout rejuvenation. From cutting-edge technology to time-tested remedies, we separate the gimmicks from the game-changers. In this list you’ll find everything from advanced massage devices to high-tech compression gear engineered to enhance circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a novice in the fitness space, recovery is always important, and these products can help optimise your routine.


Hydragun Massage Gun

There are few better and more efficient methods of easing muscle tension and stress than the percussive therapy delivered by a quality massage gun. The Hydragun is one such tool. Its sleek design belies the powerful percussive therapy it delivers, penetrating deep into tired muscles to dissolve tension and accelerate recovery with a precision that feels almost therapeutic. It’s also the quietest massage gun you can get, thanks to a low-friction SmoothDrive motor. So, when you collapse into a heap after an intense workout, you don’t need to worry about disturbing the peace and quiet you so desperately crave.




Cold AF Portable Ice Bath

A truly holistic recovery regimen will incorporate multiple means of muscle-soothing. Ice baths are another aspect of recovery that’s been skyrocketing in popularity, and for good reason. The benefits of ice baths are far-reaching, and they have the science to back them up. With this portable ice bath, you can take recovery into your own hands, whenever and wherever you want.




Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini takes all the soothing power of a regular Theragun and packs it into a compact, uber-portable frame. 20% smaller and 30% lighter than previous iterations, the Theragun Mini is proven to relieve aches and pains and improve recovery. It even has Bluetooth.



Renpho Neck & Shoulder Massager

An all too common blight on humanity, a sore neck can suck the vigour out of even the most robust man. This neck and shoulder massager is the secret to evening the playing field and remedying that ailment. With a deep heating function and eight massaging nodes that will work their way into every nook and cranny, Renpho’s massager can take the stress out of the day in no time.







For that whole-body soothing feeling, the StretchPad is unbeatable amongst massagers. With 22 air chambers, built-in heating to boost blood flow and three intensity levels, the StretchPad can release stiffness from your neck to your hips by lifting, pushing, pulling and twisting. Its ergonomic design, crafted with precision and comfort in mind, ensures optimal support during stretching sessions, alleviating muscle tension and improving flexibility. What sets the StretchPad apart is its versatility. With seven different stretching and massage routines, it can be used for anything from dynamic stretches to deep tissue release. The StretchPad is and easy path to relaxation after an intense workout—or just a long day.




Though the traditional remedy known as cupping therapy has existed for centuries, it has only recently been brought to Western attention. At least in part because people are taking notice of its popularity amongst high performance athletes. One acolyte of cupping is Olympic gold-medallist Kyle Chalmers, who previously told Men’s Health, “I’m a strong believer in cupping because I can see that it’s done something. You can get a massage for an hour and not see any difference. Whereas with cupping, I can see the bruises and I’m like ‘yeah, I’ve done my recovery’.”

The TheraCup harnesses the benefits of traditional therapy with an innovative twist. Using ThermaVibration technology, the TheraCup delivers suction, heat and vibration in a simple tool that promises professional recovery treatment from the comfort of your home.


Hyperice Venom Go

Technological innovations continue to change the way we workout. Now, recovery starts before the workout has even finished. The Venom Go is a heated, vibrating wearable that soothes aches and pains as you go. With nine distinct combinations of heat and vibration, the Venom Go can be placed just about anywhere and deliver lasting results.







Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots

The latest in cutting-edge recovery tech from Therabody, the RecoveryAir JetBoots are a pneumatic compression system. The JetBoots are ideal for the easing of lower-body soreness, tension and fatigue, as they slowly compress on each leg to promote circulation and restore vitality. After a long run leaves you feeling like you can’t get up from your couch, the JetBoots will get you back on your feet and ready for your next workout in no time.



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