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8 Tips for Having Sex When You’re Camping

When it comes to sex, it’s no secret that trying new locations is a fun and exciting way to mix things up. Things feel fresh and sexy as you discover each other in a new space. Take, for instance, having sex while camping. In the great outdoors, your animalistic instincts come out, reignited by the thought of having each other out there in the wilderness.

Whether in a tent or outside, there are a few things to consider before having sex while camping. Prepare ahead so there’s nothing stopping you from tearing each other’s clothes off in the moment. Here’s everything you need to know to have mind-blowing camping sex.

TIP: Bring Bug Repellent

This is especially important if you’re attempting outdoor sex. Being covered in flies is not exactly a turn on. “Apply your bug spray before taking off your underwear–you don’t want that stuff on your junk,” Mia Barrett, M.Ed, Sexuality Educator and Consultant, tells Men’s Health. No one wants to get up close and personal down there if it’s covered in bug spray.

Or better yet, use an alternative to bug spray. “If you’re hoping to be having a lot mouth to skin action, then the last thing you want is a mouth full of bug spray,” Eliza G. Boquin, MA, LMFT, Relationship & Sex Therapist, says. “Pack natural repellents such as tea tree, peppermint, and lavender oil. Not only are they safer to put on your body, but the scent is a lot sexier than DEET.”

TIP: Use Battery-Powered Sex Toys

Planning on using sex toys on your camping romp? Make sure to bring battery-powered or fully charged options, Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure tells Men’s Health. You’re not likely to find a plug in the woods to connect your toy to. If it’s dead, it’s dead.

TIP: Carry Wet Wipes With You

Remember that you have to sleep in that tent later. Make sure you’re not laying in a post-sex mess with the help of wet wipes, Levine says. If you’ve been out hiking all day, wet wipes can also be a great way to clean up before getting down.

TIP: Think About How You’re Going to Finish Before You Start

Again, you have to sleep in that tent later! You don’t want a big mess to clean up. Think about how you’re going to finish before you start have sex to avoid a last-minute panic when you’re about to climax. Talk to your partner about what options they’re comfortable with, and go from there.

TIP: Bring a Few Sample-Sized Packets of Lube

“Being in the outdoors can make it easy to get dehydrated,” Barrett says. “If you have a vagina, that dehydration can decrease your natural lubrication. Pick up a few sample size packets of lube for your trip.” If you do end up using lube, consider laying an extra towel under you.

TIP: Be Aware of Your Proximity to Other Campers

It’s easy to get lost in the feeling of being in the great outdoors, surrounded by endless nature. When you climb into the tent, hot for your partner, it can be just as easy to forget that tents are far from sound proof. Before settling in for the night, make note of any other campers and their proximity to you. If you’re camping at a site, odds are you’ll have to watch your volume.

TIP: Tents Can Get Very Steamy—and Not in a Sexy Way

If you’ve been fooling around in your tent for awhile, you may notice that things like phones and glasses have actually fogged up. To prevent them from getting too steamy, zip open the inner lining of your tent slightly to let in some fresh air.

TIP: Have a Collection Bag for Trash

Littering is not sexy, people.

“Pack it in, pack it out! Bring an extra ziplock bag along to stuff your used condoms, lube packets, wipes, and other trash. Leave no trace principles apply to sex as well,” Barrett says. “Treat the wilderness with respect and leave it as you found it. No one wants to come across a used condom while they’re trying to appreciate nature!”

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