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Want Bigger Shoulders? These 3 Moves Will Help

Muscular shoulders are often believed to be a symbol of strength, but shoulders can be fickle things, too. Shoulder pain is one of the more common complaints of adults and athletes—shoulders are complex and often develop dysfunction due to repetitive movement. One way to reduce the risk of shoulder pain is to balance out your training.

Here are three moves from Ebenezer Samuel, fitness editor at Men’s Health, that will strengthen and balance your shoulders.

Chest-supported reverse flys and band pull-aparts will strengthen your rear delts and your upper-back, which are often weakened due to desk jobs that have us sitting around hunched over for much of the day.

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Staggered stance landmine presses are a solid alternative to shoulder presses. Pressing at an angle is less likely to trigger pain or impingement if you have shoulder mobility issues, while still mimicking the benefits of an overhead press in your training.

These three simple exercises will not only build your shoulders, but they’ll improve your posture, too. Combine them into a circuit or add them separately to your upper-body workout for strong, well-rounded shoulders.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health

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