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Want To Have Better Sex? Try Getting A Good Night’s Rest

When was the last time you got nine hours sleep? While a lack of rest might make your day at the office hell, turns out it’s affecting your sex life just as much. 

According to several studies, a lack of rest can result in decreasing testosterone levels affecting your sex drive. A study published in 2011, shows that just one week of poor rest caused a decrease in testosterone levels by 10-15 per cent. But while a drop in the hormone can lead to a decrease in sexual drive, chronic sleeping conditions such as sleep apnea can trigger erectile dysfunction

Testosterone levels aren’t the only reason to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re not getting seven to nine hours a day, there’s a good chance your face is feeling it to. Studies show that being unhappy with your appearance can negatively affect your sexual activity. An extra hour or two of Zzz’s can not only remove the black lines under your eyes but help repair any damaged skin. Feeling sexier will significantly improve your sex drive. 

Finally, if pregnancy is on your might, you might want to hit the hay earlier. Not only should you soak in the siestas while you can but reports suggest that time spent asleep can improve your sperm quality. A survey found that men who slept less than 6 hours a night were 31 per cent less likely to impregnate their partners. 

If sleep is on your agenda, this is what the experts are doing to get clock off when they’re up at night. 

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