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Bodybuilder Shares What PED’s Really Do To Your Penis

Seven-time Mr Olympia champion Phil Heath has revealed the surprising effect taking steroids has on a particular area below the belt.

Since weightlifting became popular, bodybuilder’s have been stereotyped as having small penises. It’s a narrative borne out of jealousy, making us feel better about our comparatively regular physiques. But is there any truth behind it? Misinformation is everywhere on social media. With influencers like the Liver King claiming to be 100% natural despite clearly being on the gear not helping to clear up misconceptions. But bodybuilders are coming forward to set the record straight.

It’s well known that steroids cause testicle shrinkage, but penis size is often lumped into this claim. The scientific evidence behind the effect of PED’s on the male reproductive system is simple. The bigger you get as a result of steroids and other testosterone altering PED’s, the more shrinkage will occur. But while use of PED’s is proven to have an adverse impact on testicle size, it’s less clear what it does your penis. Now American bodybuilding icon Phil Heath has finally put the rumours to rest.

In a recent episode of the ‘Pivot Podcast’ hosted by a group of former NFL players, Heath had an honest discussion about bodybuilders and steroid use. The 43-year-old explained that while PED’s can cause a little downstairs discomfort, the symptoms usually go away quickly. “Put this to rest for me, does it shrivel up your man? The women want to know,” podcast co-host Fred Taylor asked. “So here’s the deal with that. You’re so damn dehydrated, things do happen.” Heath said. “But here’s the thing, two nights after, you’re back to being right.” There you have it. Heath says the effects are minimal, but his comment that “things do happen” is certainly enough to make you cringe.

Heath added that even without below the belt side effects, being as jacked as he is, anything short of an anaconda would look tiny when compared the rest of his physique. “First of all, 32-inch thighs, don’t matter how big your shit is. When you got big ass quads, it’s gonna look different.”

The problem, according to Heath, is that people try to break others down based on their bodies. “Why are you so concerned with it is my question,” he said. “You just want to poke fun at another man. But if he’s got a girl and she ain’t leaving and they got kids… why don’t you ask her?”

Heath is a pro-bodybuilder and seven-time winner of the Mr Olympia bodybuilding contest. Winning the competition is often seen as the pinnacle of the sport. His seven wins leave him tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the second most of all time. Only behind the legendary Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. In short, he’s a titan of the industry and has been on the wrong end of his fair share of misinformed accusations.

Throughout the podcast Heath discussed his personal struggles with his mental health and losses. In an industry rife with heart problems and early deaths, Heath says he wants to be of service to other athletes that are struggling with their health. “At the end of the day we all just want to look good, feel great and have the confidence to do it again the next day.”

Now let’s get down to the facts. PED’s and other testosterone altering drugs are proven to have a negative impact on reproductive and hormonal health. PED’s create an imbalance in hormone levels, which causes the testicles to contract. As a result of taking in more hormones than the body naturally produces, natural hormones aren’t needed and the body slows down production, causing the testicles to shrink.

However, the science says that this doesn’t have an impact on penis size. As the penis itself is simply a muscle and doesn’t produce hormones. But even if it doesn’t cause shrinkage, long-term PED use and continued repression of testosterone leads to erectile dysfunction and unhealthy sperm. So while the immediate impact to your package won’t be too heavy, in the long-term there will be consequences far worse than minor shrinkage.

By Cayle Reid

Cayle Reid is a fan of everything sports and fitness. He spends his free time at the gym, on his surfboard or staying up late watching sports in incompatible time zones.

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