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The Workout Brad Pitt Used To Get Shredded For Fight Club

If you caught just five seconds of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, you’d be aware that Brad Pitt can take a hit – and give it back. (The dude went-toe-to-toe with Bruce Lee and barely flinched.)

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But while his efforts as stunt double Cliff Booth in the 2019 Quentin Tarantino blockbuster was something, it’s his physique in Fight Club that has impressed us the most over the years. Think solid upper body strength, 70kgs of lean muscle and a body fat percentage of just 6 per cent.

“He’s a genetic freak,” Damon Caro, the film’s stunt co-ordinator told Men’s Health. “Brad’s got the ability to do whatever he wants to do. He can build up, but for that one he got lean, so while he was working out and lifting he was restricting his calories. I mean he was shredded for that film.”

Back then, the actor split up his workouts to focus on one muscle group each day, before finishing off with two tough cardio workouts. But if you (like us) are after specifics, you’re in luck. Below, you’ll find his full exercise regime circa 1999.

Word of warning before you go attempting this: it’s not easy (unless that is, you’re a fan of endless press-ups, pull-ups and bicep curls.) To help you get through, consider this: Brad Pitt never quits and neither should you.

Brad Pitt’s Fight Club Workout

Monday — Chest

  • Press-ups — Three sets of 25 reps
  • Floor press — Three sets of 25, 15 and eight reps
  • Alternating floor chest press — Three sets of 15 reps
  • Chest flies — Three sets of 15 reps

Tuesday — Back

  • 25 pull-ups — Three sets to fatigue 
  • Dumbbell rows — Three sets of 10
  • Dumbbell deadlift — Three sets of 10

Wednesday – Shoulders

  • Arnold press — Three sets of 10
  • Laterals — Three sets of 10
  • Front raises —Three sets of 10

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps

  • Preacher curls — Three sets of 10
  • Bicep curls — Three sets of 1o
  • Hammer curls — Three sets of 10
  • Chair Dips — Three sets of 10

Friday & Saturday – Cardio

  • Running — one hour at 80 to 90 per cent of your maximum heart rate

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