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Can You Defeat This Partner Workout By The Man Who Trained Superman?

This two-move partner workout is deceptively simple, but incredibly sinister

Mark Twight, the original mind behind ‘Gym Jones‘ is infamous worldwide for transforming not just the bodies; but the minds of countless Hollywood icons including SupermanAquaman and The Spartans of 300, to name a few.

As a former elite mountain climber, and trainer to military personnel and Special Forces, Twight specialises in creating workout environments that go far beyond building buff bodies; forcing trainees to confront their own minds and resist the temptation to chase comfort and quit.

To my mind, no workout epitomises this ethos quite like ‘Tailpipe’. This partner workout is deceptively simple, but incredibly sinister.

You’ll hop on a rowing machine and pull 250m as fast as possible, before switching with your partner who will do the same. Alternate back and forth three times until you’ve clocked up a total of 1500m.

Easy, right?

Well this one’s less about what you do on the rower, and more about what you do off of it; while your partner rows, you’ll ‘rest’ holding two 24kg kettlebells in a front-rack position. This stress position forces you to focus on your breathing; getting it under control, bringing your heart rate down as quickly as possible and avoiding panic. The name ‘Tail Pipe’ comes from the fact you’ll feel like you’re sucking down exhaust fumes, almost from the get go.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Grab a partner and throw down the gauntlet. No takers? Work on a 1:1 ‘work-to-hold’ ratio, resting in the ‘Tail Pipe’ position for as long as your previous 250m took, and rowing for a three round total of 750m.

750M Row x 3

Push hard away from the flywheel with your legs (A). Keep your arms straight until your legs are extended, then pull the handle into your chest (B). Reverse the movement. Keep your pace up, remember your partner is suffering, so the easier you can make it for them, the quicker their row will be. Keep that in mind.

Kettlebell Front-Rack Hold (While Partner Rows)

Clean a pair of kettlebells into the ‘front rack’ position, sitting high on your chest, just below your chin. Keep your elbows down and your knuckles close together, throughout (A). Focus on breathing deep into your belly and avoid thinking about how much pain you’re in, for as long as you can. If you drop the bells, pick them back up as quickly as possible and stand firm.

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