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Can You Have Sex When Your Partner Has Thrush

Any irritations around the genital region can often ring alarm bells. One common infection is thrush – an overgrowth of yeast in the Vagina. Fortunately, thrush isn’t an STI and easily treatable. So that begs the question, can you have sex when your partner has thrush?

The short answer is yes. But it’s important to know the symptoms and potential repercussions if you have sex while your partner has the yeast infection. It’s also important to recognise whether your partner may be in discomfort. 

Naturally, Vaginas do carry fungus but when the number of yeast increases, the female genitalia reacts, causing irritation. According to Better Health Victoria, three quarters of all women will experience thrush in their lifetime. 

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Symptoms can include: itching, burning, white discharge, redness, swelling and pain while peeing.

Thrush can be caused by too much antibiotic use, diabetes, pregnancy, menstrual cycle changes, immune system disorders or vulval skin conditions. 

So what happens when you have sex with your partner who has thrush? According to the NHS, although thrush isn’t an STI, itchiness, irritation, discharge and pain while peeing can occur in men as a result of sexual intercourse with an infected vagina. 

Regardless, unless you’re in a long-term committed relationship, looking to have kids or have made your sure partner is clean, it’s important to use protection. Check out how to find a condom that will fit your penis

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