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5 Trips You Can Give Dad, That Cost Less Than Socks & Jocks

Public Service Announcement: this Sunday is Father’s Day. Yes, the date has rolled around yet again, and if you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably one of the 38 per cent of Aussie blokes who forgot (according to our very own poll of almost 18k men).

But beware, if you’re planning to ‘treat’ your dad to the standard socks-and-jocks, not only will the reception be lukewarm, you’d be quite frankly wasting your money. Relying purely on quick-math, if you were pick up a 3-pack of Calvin Kleins, accompanied by some Happy Socks, you’re looking at just under $160 (10 cents under to be exact).

Well, in news to save your bank balance and your relationship with your old man, today you can buy your Dad a flight for less than half that price. Aussie flight operator Jetstar announced a Spring Sale this morning, just in time for last minute Father’s Day gifts, and the prices are extremely low.

That’s right, you can actually send your dad on a holiday for less than underwear. Heck, buy a flight for yourself and you’d probably still be saving! Our top picks are below, but head to their website for other deals, including a $199 flight to Tokyo.

  • Melbourne (Avalon) to Sydney from $35
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Whitsunday Coast from $79
  • Gold Coast or Brisbane to Sydney from $49
  • Hobart to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $42
  • Gold Coast to  Auckland from $129

Jetstar’s Spring Sale starts 12:00am AEST Thursday 30 August and runs until 11:59pm AEST Tuesday 4 September, unless sold out prior.
Fares and full conditions are available at jetstar.com.

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