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Low Carb, Healthy, and Easy Choc Fudge Slab

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This recipe is my ultimate go to keto and paleo friendly snack to have on hand. It comes from my top 5 low carb healthy snacks that I recommend for you to reach your health and fitness goals, celebrating my three key ingredients to keep you feeling fuller for longer, eliminating cravings for sweet treats, and support your goals, not derail them.

It stays firm at room temperature unlike some other home made chocolates, keeps you feeling full, curbs any sweet cravings, and contains simple delicious ingredients. AND it only has one step. Check out the recipe below!


2 cups raw cacao butter

2 cups raw cacao powder

2 cups nut butter (almond and Macadamia work amazing!)

1/2 teaspoon green leaf stevia



  1. Gently melt down all of the ingredients in a saucepan until well combined and smooth. Pour into a baking tray lined with baking paper and set in the fridge until firm.

    Slice and enjoy.

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