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Watch Chris Hemsworth Brutally Axe His Trainer With A Kick To The Face

We know, another Chris Hemsworth article, but what are we meant to do when the man continues to serve up nutrition inspiration, workout goals, and total body hacks. The man is a walking, talking bible of health, and when he delivers the goods, we’re committed to dishing it up to you to better your own human experience.

Currently in London filming the reboot for 90’s hit Men In Black, Hemsworth is sweating it out with the rest of the UK during their record breaking heat wave. And while he’s got a mobile gym on set when he’s away from his Byron Bay base, Thor took the chance to get outside and take his training to the park.

Hitting ‘the local’ with trainer Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth can be seen getting put through his paces in a series of boxing combos, before brutally axing Zocchi with a kick to the face. “Sorry for the boot in the face,” Hemsworth captioned the video.

In the video posted to his Instagram over the weekend, Hemsworth can be seen going through a range of boxing combos while smashing the pads with his own personalised “Thor” gloves. In the ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ video, there are a variety of combos that you can easily borrow, so we’ve transcribed his workout for you. Grab a mate, and hit the park in the pursuit of Hemsworth’s alien-battling combat skills.

Men In Black Boxing Workout

When boxing your non-dominant hand will always deliver the jab. In Hemsworth’s case, his left hand delivers the jab. Keep your hands up in a guard position under your chin when not throwing punches, and keep your left foot forward if you are right handed. (Reverse Hemsworth’s positioning if you are left handed)

Warm Up

3 minutes of shadow boxing.
Try to tap your partner on the torso or calves. Stay light on your toes.


Complete 2 rounds of each combination. Each combination should last for 2 minutes, before switching the pads with your partner.

Combo 1

3 x Jab
1 x Cross

Combo 2 

2 x Jab
1 x Cross

Combo 3

1 x Jab
1 x Cross
1 x Uppercut (non dominant)
1 x Cross

Combo 4

2 x Uppercut (one each hand)
1 x Jab
1 x Cross

Combo 5

Continual left/right alternating 

Combo 6

Continual Jab

Combo 7

2 x Jab
1 x Cross

Combo 8

Continual alternating knees


4 x 50m Partner Carries
Lift your partner on your back and carry them as fast as possible over 50 metres. Swap positions with your partner and repeat.

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