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Chris Hemsworth’s Arms Are About To Explode In His ‘666’ Workout

Chris Hemsworth has arguably one of the most desired rigs in Hollywood. And judging by his latest Insta story, it was all hard work getting there. The Avenger’s star took to his social media with trainer Luke Zocchi to talk fans through his brutal ‘666’ workout. 

“Six reps, six rounds, six exercises and six of your mates,” explains Hemsworth. “Or two of your mates or three, depends if you consider yourself a mate.” 

But It’s pretty obvious that Hemsworth is doing extras: “who’s counting, I’ve lost count.”

“I think that’s seven or eight,” Zocchi chimes in.

In the footage, Hemsworth can be seen performing variations of the dumbbell row. Any sort of row is a great exercise for targeting and blowing up your back and biceps.

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Little known perk: because you’re recruiting two big muscles, you’re able to lift heavier weights. Is there anything more motivational than hitting up the heavy section of the weight rack?

For his workout, he starts with a seated row before launching into a one-arm row. He quickly moves into fast-paced deadlifts with an Ezy bar before taking on a one-arm resistance band row. Finally he attacks his core and with simultaneous half muscle-ups and leg raises. 

Not only is each exercise creating different loads on the body, they also differ in their method: he mixes up free weights with resistance band work, hydraulic machines and body weight movements.

Free weights replicate real-life movements, addressing any instability your body may be dealing with. Meanwhile hydraulic machines and resistance band workouts are a great option to turn to when your body is under fatigue because they don’t compromise form. This minimises the risk of injury while also strengthening stability. 

The God Of Thunder can do no wrong. 

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