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Jacked Animal Chris Hemsworth Works Out In The “World’s Smallest Gym”

Chris Hemsworth’s rig is supernatural. And considering he’s played a Norse god for most of his career, it’s not surprising. So when presented with “the world’s smallest gym” (in his words), it’s no shock that he wasn’t going to let the lack of space and equipment get in the way of a good workout. 

Hemsworth has always been a fan of finding time to fit in exercise, especially when you consider how much time is spent wasted. 

“Calculate how many minutes of the day you spend scrolling on your phone at useless feeds,” he told Men’s Health earlier this year.

Hours, right? So you can’t find 20 minutes a day? If you can’t find that 20 minutes, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

So taking to his Insta stories, the 36-year-old shared his cheeky Centr workout that requires minimal weights and floor space. 

Watch his workout in the world’s smallest gym below. 

“We’re in Tokyo, in I think it’s the world’s smallest gym,” he said.

“But we make use of what we’ve got.”

Even when dealt difficult conditions, Hemsworth didn’t lose his sense of humour. “Grow! Grow! Grow!” He shouted at his biceps during an arm exercise on the cable machine. His also included pushups before smashing out a big core series.

If you’re interested in finding out what else Hemmy does to stay in shape, you can see the 10 fitness commandments he swears by here

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