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Chris Pratt Opens Up About Getting In Shape

For years, Chris Pratt was best known for his role as the out-of-shape Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation. But since joining the Guardians of The Galaxy franchise in 2013, Pratt has turned his life around, becoming synonymous with Hollywood rigs. Here’s how rejection spurred him on to reclaim his health and get into superhero shape. 

In 2011, the 39-year-old had his first experience with being fat-shamed. After being recommended for the role of Scott Hatteberg in Moneyball, director Bennett Miller told him he was too big for the role, triggering Pratt’s desire to get in shape.

He began to exercise and work his butt off, losing 14kg in the process.

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“I’d check in maybe once a week and I’d say, ‘They cast it yet?’ and I would just keep working out,” the Mirror reports him saying.

“Finally, I got in good enough shape that I took a picture of myself and sent it to my agent.” Pratt finally landed the role. 

Despite putting the weight back for his part in Delivery Man, tipping the scales at 130kg, Pratt’s previous overhaul of his health saw him easily return to peak condition. 

Chris Pratt Jurassic World

Jurassic World

The Avengers Star explained that he followed a strict diet, cutting out unhealthy foods while also keeping up his exercise routine. 

“You can’t have beer, hash browns, burgers, or anything fried. No carbs,” he continued. 

“And you have to work out five times a week.”

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“If you cut the crap out of your diet and spend an hour a day doing something physical, you’ll feel better mentally, physically and spiritually, because it’s all tied together.

“Honestly, there’s no trick or secret to it. It’s about getting after it and being patient and consistent,” he added. 

“And it’s not about starving yourself, because you want to give your body proper nutrition.

“And think about who you want to be in six months or eight months or two years’ time, whatever it is.”

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Previously, he spoke to Men’s Health, revealing he lost 15kg in six weeks by running “five or six miles a day, eating leafy green salads and protein shakes and cutting out all alcohol.”

Your attitude is a choice. It’s about understanding that your attitude is contagious and asking yourself if it’s worth catching.”

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