Men’s Health’s Ultimate 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Men’s Health’s ultimate 2023 Christmas gift guide

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, these are the best gifts for every kind of guy.

CHRISTMAS IS THE MOST wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a time of immense pressure. Gifting can make or break a relationship. There’s no worse feeling than watching someone feign excitement upon opening a gift, knowing deep down they’ll never use it—or, god forbid, regift it. Everyone wants to find the perfect gift that will actually get some use, but time is rapidly running out to get your hands on a such an item. That’s where we come in.

Never fear, we’ve rounded up the best gifts on the market, for every kind of guy. Welcome to Men’s Health’s ultimate Christmas gift guide—where we’ve decked the halls with dumbbells and trimmed the tree with tech gadgets. From innovative gear that will elevate workouts to welcome wardrobe additions, we’ve got something for everyone.

There’s no point keeping you waiting. Read on for our complete guide and get shopping.


Gifts for a fitness guy


ATIVAFIT 25kg Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set

Price $241

Give the gift of gains this year with this adjustable weight dumbbell set. Ask any dedicated gym junkie and they’ll likely tell you the same thing: dumbbells are the most versatile and reliable means of chiselling out sculpted muscles. This set is suitable for all levels of fitness, with weight increments ranging from 2.5kg to 25kg, and is the perfect addition to any home gym.



TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System

Price: $319

The Covid pandemic taught us that you don’t necessarily need to venture to the gym six days a week to get your fitness fix. A suitably buff physique can be acquired entirely from the comfort of your own home, but to do so, you’ll need the right gear. TRX’s suspension training system can deliver the full-body workout you’ve been searching for. With a simple set up, an endless range of exercise possibilities and a slew of on demand classes available, this all-in-one system is nothing to balk at.


Hacienda Portable Pedal Exerciser

Price: $60

For the fitness enthusiast who can never stop moving, this portable peddler is a godsend. We all know that guy who walks home after a night out so he can “get his steps in”. Why not ease his burden with a far superior solution to daily fitness goals? This peddler is easy to use, effective, and can be taken just about anywhere.





Cold AF Portable Ice Bath

Price: $200 $140 (for a limited time)

Equally important as the workout itself, recovery is a vital aspect of a holistic fitness routine. The benefits of ice baths are far-reaching, and they have the science to back them up. With this portable ice bath, you can take recovery into your own hands, whenever and wherever you want.




Theragun Mini

Price: $349 $299 (for a limited time)

On the topic of recovery, there are few better ways to ease muscle tension and stress than with a quality massage gun. The Theragun Mini takes all the soothing power of a regular Theragun and packs it into a compact, uber-portable frame. Don’t hesitate on this one, it even has Bluetooth.


Hyperice Venom Go

Price: $250

Technological innovations continue to change the way we workout. Now, recovery starts before the workout has finished. The Venom Go is a heated, vibrating wearable that soothes aches and pains as you go. With nine distinct combinations of heat and vibration, the Venom Go can be placed just about anywhere and deliver lasting results.






Gifts for a tech guy


Beats PowerBeats Pro

Price: $279

A quality soundtrack can be the secret to workout enhancement, but to unlock the power of music, first-rate earwear is a must. PowerBeats Pro is purpose-built for top-notch performance during high-intensity sweat sessions. With an ergonomic design, water—or more appropriately, sweat—resistance, and a battery life lasting up to nine hours, PowerBeats Pro has the stamina to outlast you.



Apple Watch Ultra 2

Price: $1379

As far as smart watches go, it’s impossible to look past the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The Ultra 2 pushes the limits of what you’ve come to expect from a smart watch. With a built-in GPS system, dual speakers, an incredible battery life of up to 72 hours, a range of performance metrics, and the ability to interact without even touching the display, the Ultra 2 has a wealth of features, with everything you could possibly want, plus more.




Withings Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale

Price: $99

We know what you’re thinking. ‘It’s just a scale, why the hefty price tag?’ Well, Withings’ Body+ is more than just a regular scale. The high-tech device can monitor and record everything from weight, body fat, and water percentage to muscle and bone mass. What more could you want?


Renpho Neck & Shoulder Massager

Price: $80

An all too common blight on humanity, a sore neck can suck the vigour out of even the most vibrant man. This neck and shoulder massager is the secret to evening the playing field and remedying that ailment. With a deep heating function and eight massaging nodes that will work their way into every nook and cranny, Renpho’s massager can take the stress out of the day in no time.





Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Price: $42

Another curse on humanity, the piercingly irritating sound of an alarm clock might just be the worst possible start to a day. Why do we subject ourselves to this daily torment? Especially when there are far superior options available right now? This lamp/clock hybrid is designed to mimic the comings and goings of the sun. Depending on your preferences, the device will gradually brighten 10-60 minutes before it’s time to get up, presenting a calming start to the day. It also functions as an actual alarm clock, natural sounds generator, radio and lamp.



Gifts for a sneakerhead guy


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Price: $180  $153 (for a limited time)

With the agility of its namesake, a mythical beast of legend, the Pegasus 38 is a sensation. Its breathable mesh upper ensures cool feet, while the Zoom Air cushioning puts a literal spring in its users’ steps. These shoes are workhorses, and they have the durability to match your endurance.



Adidas Ultraboost 21

Price: $270 $135 (for a limited time)

The Adidas Ultraboost 21 is all about energy. These kicks redirect runners’ own explosiveness into unrivalled energy return. They’ll make you feel like you’re bouncing through every stride. A harmonisation of responsiveness, cushioning and weight distribution, the Ultraboost 21s will get the job done, no matter where you’re running, be it on the track or the trail.



Saucony Kinvara 14

Price: $200 $110 (for a limited time)

For the minimalist with a taste for speed, the Kinvara 14 is your soul mate. These lightweight wonders provide just enough cushioning to maintain comfort without sacrificing that barefoot feel. The breathable upper ensures your feet stay cool while you break personal records in the summer heat. They’re also probably the most colourfully playful shoes on the market, if that’s your thing.



Under Armour HOVR Machina 3

Price: $160

Equipped with a built-in chip to track metrics, these shoes are as smart as they are effective. Under Armour’s high-tech MAPMYRUN system analyses running data, providing the information needed to monitor improvement. What’s more, the energy return from the HOVR foam will have you feeling like the shoes are the ones doing the work, propelling you towards your fitness goals.



Brooks Ghost 14

Price: $230 $150 (for a limited time)

With plush cushioning and silky-smooth material, the Ghost 14’s make every jog feel like a leisurely stroll on the beach. The lightweight design is a breath of fresh air, and the support is as unwavering as a marathon runner’s commitment to fitness. The Ghost 14 is also Brooks’ first carbon neutral shoe, in case you’re eco-consciously inclined.



New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4

Price: $250

Upon examining these kicks, it doesn’t take long to discern what makes them unique. Just look at all that foam! New Balance’s Fresh Foam X More v4 uses more Fresh Foam than any other shoe to date. So, as you’d expect, they offer unrivalled cushioning and energy return. But it’s not all about the foam. An outsole which takes its design from data, a heightened profile and a breathable mesh upper all combine to promote a natural stride, effective cushioning and top-of-the-line support.



Gifts for a stylish guy


Kuzzoi Gold Plated Chain Necklace

Price: $109

An ideal complement to any outfit, this gold plated chain is a wardrobe essential, and it won’t break the bank. Perfect on its own or layered into a more complex look, the Kuzzoi chain is also adjustable, making it suitable for every style.






AirSense Shirt Jacket

Price: $100 $80 (for a limited time)

With this shirt jacket, the emphasis is on flexibility. Able to be worn as a sleek shirt or a stylish outer layer, this article is comfortable, lightweight and seamlessly blends formal dresswear with a smart casual aesthetic.




Y-3 Wool Flannel Wide-Leg Pants

Price: $500

Why not splurge on a high-end wardrobe addition this Christmas? Reserve this gift for someone who really deserves it, because we guarantee they’ll be grateful. Y-3’s unique style combines the incisive tailoring of cutting-edge formalwear with the grounded, urbane aesthetic of modern streetwear. The result is a sight to behold.



GymShark 7” Sport Shorts

Price: $55

Whether their purpose is to serve as gymwear which demands strong results, or as a comfortable lazing-round-the-house uniform, GymShark’s sport shorts will deliver. Featuring a breathable, lightweight design and ample storage, these shorts are the ideal accompaniment to a particularly taxing workout.





Men’s Knit Polo Shirt

Price: $50

A quality unique to the southern hemisphere, Christmas presents itself at the height of summer. As such, fashion-focused Christmas gifts must typically cater to the sweltering season. This polo shirt does exactly that, completing the smart casual dress code of any night out spent by the beach, without overdoing it.






Tommy Hilfiger Denim Button-Up

Price: $169

Denim is back from its society-sanctioned exile from fashion circles. This Tommy Hilfiger button up proves that denim is far from material that begets a social ostracising, but rather a revitalising inclusion to a relaxed, smart casual look.





HUGO BOSS Quartz Chronograph Watch

Price: $799 $599 (for a limited time)

Elegance is the essence of this chronograph watch from BOSS. It’s not often you come across such refined horological craftsmanship for a price that doesn’t make your wallet shudder with apprehension. With a modern, polished exterior, the BOSS Quartz watch is finished with a variety of subtly sophisticated features like a matt dial complete with three cut-out sub-eyes and a polished leather strap.






Gifts for a travel guy


Antler Clifton Medium Suitcase

Price: $349

Every traveller needs a sturdy, reliable and secure suitcase, and they don’t come much better than the stock at Antler. The Clifton case in particular has everything you could ever want in a suitcase. With a strong and light design, the Clifton is durable and rock-solid, while still wheeling about with ease. It’s also colour-fast, meaning that when scratches to its exterior are inevitably made, the case will stay true to its original colour.







Colorado Canvas/Leather Weekender

Price: $169

Everyone wants to be the guy that shows up to the boy’s trip or couple’s getaway looking perfectly suited to the occasion, but few can pull it off successfully. As it turns out, the best way to complete your weekend-away look is with a quality weekender. The Colorado weekender is your friend in this space, with a fashionable exterior, and a spacious interior that’s fit for its function.





Magnetic Floating Globe

Price: $51

Every self-respecting globetrotter needs a globe. Whether you’re spinning it and placing your finger at random to pick a future travel destination, or simply marvelling at the technological wonder of levitation, this globe is as good as they come.



Gifts for a freaky guy


Lovehoney Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator

Price: $95

We’ve entered the X-rated segment of our gift guide, and we’re kicking it off with a banger—literally. By and large, men have only recently discovered the immense pleasure of stimulating the prostate gland—or P-spot, as the folks at Lovehoney call it. Thankfully, the ideal gear for the endeavour is already here. Give the gift of pleasure this Christmas, with this mantric sex toy, which combines an ergonomic design with proven technology.





Lovehoney Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

Price: $129 $90 (for a limited time)

We must remind you that not every item in our gift guide is fit for every guy you know. That’s why we’ve helpfully broken them down into different categories. With that in mind, a warming, vibrating male masturbator called ‘Blowmotion’ probably isn’t the most appropriate gift for a family member or a work colleague, but it could be a gamechanger for an intimate partner. This device operates by enveloping the head of the penis, warming the member up to 40 degrees, vibrating in six distinct patterns and three intensities, delivering a world of pleasure.




LELO Bruno Prostate Massager

Price: $239

For the man who prefers his sex toys and prostate massagers to be exclusively high end, LELO’s ‘Bruno’ is an optimal choice. With two powerful motors situated in the device’s tip and base, Bruno utilises six vibration patterns, a smooth silicone exterior and waterproof layering to get the job done.




Gifts for an outdoors guy


Cancer Council SPF50+ Hydrating Sunscreen For Men

Price: $20

Skin protection should be an essential focus for any outdoorsmen. When spending a heightened amount of time in the sun, as you might expect, the risk of developing skin cancer rises. To prevent the guy with a taste for adventure from meeting an early end, equip him with one of the best sunscreens on the market, one that’s specifically designed for men.



Merrell Moab Hiking Crew Sock 

Price: $10

We hear you. Who wants socks for Christmas? Well, for an outdoorsman, the gift of socks is far from an occasion to lament. In fact, a pair of purpose-built socks are one of the most important components of an outdoors adventure, lest you end up with swampy feet early in the journey.




Outdoor Voices Epperson Mountaineering Sacoche Bag

Price: $80

A lighter load is necessitated by almost any venture into the great outdoors. When you’re pushing through an arduous trail or up a gruelling hill, the last thing you want is to be bogged down by an excess amount of equipment. That’s where this crossbody bag from Outdoor Voices comes in. Surprisingly spacious for its size, the satchel is also water-resistant and abrasion resistant, making it a practical and durable choice of outdoor apparel.


Platypus 2 Litre Classic Collapsible Water Bottle 

Price: $32

Like we’ve said, excess is the enemy of the experienced outdoorsmen. An awkwardly designed water bottle that makes any grip on it a tenuous one is the bane of many adventurers existences. Solve that problem quickly with this compact, collapsible water bottle that can clip onto just about any surface.




Gifts for a well-groomed guy


Wahl Detailer LI Cordless Trimmer

Price: $340

A clean shave is an accomplishment strived for by almost every man on the planet, but it’s an elusive goal. The answer to this problem is simpler than you might expect, as just about any Wahl trimmer will get the job done right. The cordless detailer LI in particular is an effective instrument. With a T-wide blade, this trimmer promises precision, zero-overlap and super close shaving, with zero cuts.



Braun Series 5 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Price: $199 $99 (for a limited time)

Adaptable, flexible, effortless. Braun’s series 5 shaver can deliver fast and easy cleaning for an affordable price. With three innovative blades that adapt to the contours of your face, the elusive clean shave is made easy.






Remington Turbo Pro Body Groomer

Price: $79

Shifting from the face to the body, the Remington turbo body groomer is one of the best options on the market, and indulging in one won’t break the bank either. Featuring ultra trim Shave technology, the turbo groomer can trim to all the way down to a miniscule 0.2mm, or up to 15mm, for a smooth shaved look. The groomer’s motor is where it gets its name, with a turbo speed function that provides the extra power for when you need a shave that’s as quick as it is clean.




The ultimate gift for every guy


Japanese Wakizashi Tanto and Samurai Katana 3 Sword Set

Price: $385

Can’t go wrong here. Every guy secretly wants his own sword—or a complete set of them, in this case.


By Cayle Reid

Cayle Reid is a fan of everything sports and fitness. He spends his free time at the gym, on his surfboard or staying up late watching sports in incompatible time zones.

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