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Climate Change Is Directly Impacting Your Health

If you’ve felt especially hot and sweaty this summer, you’re not alone. Australian temperatures have been surging, with an accompanied rise in carbon dioxide according to a new study from the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University.

“Human interference in the global climate is now apparent,” said the authors of the study. And whilst this is hardly new or shocking information, it seems that our disrespect of the environment is now impacting human health.

In the past 150 years, CO2 levels have risen by 46 per cent, directly resulting in the temperature rise. In that same period, 5332 deaths have occurred as a result of heat exposure, according to SBS.

“Heat exposure is more lethal than any other natural disaster and represents Australia’s greatest current climate-related health burden,” said the Climate Change Institute report.

“Australia’s climate is changing. Adaptation is required and, perhaps more importantly, mitigation to avoid the worst of future health burdens,” say Dr Hanna and Professor McIver, the chief scientists behind the report.

The comprehensive summary of our dire environmental situation could spur on medical researchers to join the fight against climate change.

“A realignment of health services to address the shift in disease burden is required to secure Australia’s current high level of health care.”

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