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People Are Sharing All The Things They Want To Do Once Quarantine Is Over

People of Reddit are feeling equally wasteful of their opportunities pre-coronavirus and are desperate to return to the “normal”. Here’s what users can’t wait do to once lockdown is lifted. 

“Big bbq in my backyard. All my friends are coming. I’m gonna fill a canoe with beer, we will have bag toss and shot-skis. Really just start the summer off right” – @duluthzenithcity

Visit loved ones in nursing homes that are currently off-limits to visitors” – @Back2Bach

“Ask the girl I got a crush on out. Finally gathered the courage but quarantine struck before I could ask…” – @mvnoort

Take my kid to the park with his buddy and go eat at my favourite local burger place. My son asks to see his best bud max every day and can’t understand why we can’t see him (my son is 3). He also doesn’t understand why we can’t go to the park (in Bay Area and playgrounds are closed). And when I go out to eat again I want to make sure I am supporting my local restaurants and businesses that will be struggling because of this!” – @m3ggsandbacon

“Head to my local coffee shop. Really awesome place that seems to treat their customers and employees really well. Always a super long line to get coffee. They made the interior to be designed to look like a living room so there is couches and bookshelves all over. The epitome of a cheerful and peaceful place. When things go back to normal, I am going to go inside and sit for an hour or two and just take in the sound and smell of a happy place again.” – @TJeffersonsBlackKid

Visit my parents. They’re both diabetic and I’ve been keeping myself away from them since I work retail in a major city and have contact with the public on a daily basis.” – @jamesdlit

Go to the God damn Gym. I was 2 months into the habit then they closed the god damn gym. FUCK.” – @pewpewshazaam

“Get on a dating app. I’ve been single and alone for a long time. Being trapped alone in an apartment by myself makes me realise how much I miss connecting with people and how alone I truly am.” – @Freefalafelin

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