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7 Women Share The Most Cringe-Worthy Times They’ve Been Hit On At The Gym

We asked Women's Health readers to share the pick-up lines guys used on them at the gym and how it all turned out.

While there are several dating apps geared toward people searching for a swolemate (Snap Together, Sweatt, etc.), plenty of women still get hit on the old-fashioned way – at the gym.

And whether the flirting is welcome or not, at least it usually makes for a good story. That’s why we asked Women’s Health readers to share the pick-up lines guys used on them at the gym and how it all turned out.

Be warned: Most went up in flames.

1. The Guy With The Perfect Form

“This flirty dude offered to help me with my squat form. I wasn’t interested, so when he asked for my number, I gave him the wrong one. But then he called me right on the spot—and knew I’d lied because my phone didn’t ring. Awkward!” — Sarah Scott, 28

2. The Dude Who’s Into Boxing

“I was lifting weights in the weight room when a guy came over and asked pretty loudly, ‘Do you box? Because you definitely have the back for it.’ It’s one thing to say I look good, but ew, please don’t stare and comment on one part of my body. Especially so loud that other people hear you and check out my back, too.” — Rachel Maj, 26

3. The Bro Who Wore A Man-Bun

“I always wear my hair in a ponytail, but I forgot an elastic one day. This guy with a man bun noticed – he told me my hair looked nice down and proceeded to hand me one of his own hair ties in case I wanted it. Then he was like, deadpan, ‘If you ever need anything else – water, a tampon maybe – come find me.’ If I weren’t married, I’d definitely have gone out with him! Humour always wins.”— Benai McClanahan, 31

4. The Concerned Citizen

“I used to work at a gym and guys would hit on me all the time. The weirdest one was when I went up to a leg press machine that already had two 45-pound weights on it and this guy jumped up from whatever he was doing and started taking the weights off while saying something like, ‘a pretty lady like you doesn’t need to be lifting this much weight.’ And I said something like, “Thanks, but I was actually going to leave those on.” Then he proceeded to hover over me while I was using it and told me I looked very mature. He asked me if I had a child, and then asked if I would like to go on a date.” — Skye Willen, 23

Showing off – hot or not? Probably not

5. The Guy Who Enjoys Butt Lifts

“This guy came up to me to comment on my squat form. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, he suggested that I start doing butt lifts as a warmup. He followed up with that by saying, ‘You clearly have great genetics…are you Latin or something?’ I awkwardly thanked him, wished him a good workout, and walked away as he was calling out for my phone number.” — Michaela Wetter, 24

6. The Creepy Personal Trainer

“While I had an exercise ball between my legs, my trainer said, ‘Just remember, if it slides out, don’t be afraid to slip it back in,’ and winked at me. Ew. He friend requested me on Facebook later that night.” — Carly Parker, 23

7. The Dude At The Smoothie Bar

“I was working the Fuel Bar at Barry’s Bootcamp when someone left me a note on their napkin that said, ‘I’m smooth,’ with their phone number. Not so much.”— Tori Jones, 25

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