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The 4 Biggest Differences In The Ways Men and Women Exercise

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Our differences extend to all areas of life and the way we exercise is not excluded.  

Stereotypically, men love the bench press and women love pilates. Men love pumping their guns and women love sculpting their buns. Now, thanks to recent research by PureProfile, we can pinpoint the exact difference and similarities in how men and women get down to exercise. 


There was virtually no difference in how frequently males and females exercised. The main differences occur in how they exercise. While walking is the most popular fitness activity for both males and females (males more so), females are more inclined to engage in swimming or yoga, while males are more likely to participate in cycling and other sports. 


If the fitness industry is anything to go by, the future is definitely now. The research by PureProfile revealed that 46 per cent of males and 43 per cent of females used a smart phone, a wrist device or both to monitor their fitness activities. What ever happened to pumping out a gym session to take a break from technology?


It comes as no surprise that it is in how these devices are used that we see the biggest differences. Males have a tendency to use these devices as a challenge, such as trying to beat endurance P.B’s, while females tend to use them more for control and monitoring their wellbeing.


 The choice of wrist device brand also differs between the sexes. While the Fitbit was by far the most often used brand for both males and females, females were significantly more likely to use this brand. On the other hand, the Apple Watch was significantly more likely to be used by males.

By Mens Health Staff

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