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Watch Diplo Squat Chickens, Practice Yoga, and Talk Way More While Showing Off His Gym and Fridge

It doesn’t take long for things to get weird at Diplo’s place. The DJ, record producer, and Major Lazer frontman answers the front door on a balance-board and before too long is walking us around his patio while juggling a medicine ball.

He flops onto his Chanel yoga mat and attempts some poses before calling it quits. “I’m still a little drunk from last night,” he says, pushing hair back from his face, removing his glasses, and picking up a jump rope.

In a nutshell, this is Diplo, On the most recent instalment of “Gym and Fridge,” we visit the “Where Are Ü Now” producer’s L.A. abode for a tour of his fitness (and chicken?) spaces, and a look inside his refrigerator.

After some drunk yoga, Diplo gets serious, and the real talk begins. Except not really—this L.A. adventure is weird as hell. And it’s far from over.

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“My fitness goals are not to die,” the DJ says matter-of-factly. “I like to take my shirt off a lot on Instagram, so it’s good to at least have muscles.” Diplo then takes his shirt off to show us some tattoos, like the Challenger space shuttle flying into his armpit.

“I got this tattoo when I was 5,” he says pointing to a dinosaur stencil on his forearm. Because that statement obviously needs explaining, he continues: “I’m from Daytona Beach, so you can get tattoos really early there.” Makes sense.

“That’s my grandma” he says, pointing to a smoking turtle with a yin-yang shell on his left shoulder. “She used to chain-smoke cigarettes and she had a turtle in her backyard.” That seems to make sense—right?

Diplo then heads inside to demonstrate his indoor fitness routine, taking us into a music-studio-looking room where an unidentified man is playing a keyboard.

“This is Klaus. He’s from the Austrian Conservatory of Music. I have him come here sometimes and play music when I work out.” Diplo looks at the floor. “Play something when I do pushups, Klaus.” Klaus plays something as Diplo starts doing pushups. He finishes. “Klaus, you did good. You can take a break.”

After some post-pushup ukulele playing, we head to Diplo’s kitchen, which should prove to be just as weird as everything else. In his fridge, all Erewhon everything: asparagus, soup, ginger shots, and loads of juice.

Cow’s milk is a no. Bottles of Dom Pérignon wine lining an entire fridge shelf is a hell yes.

There are more commonplace items like Sriracha and apples (not from Erewhon). There are some, er, illicit things, like a bag of weed. “This is weed. I don’t know why this is in the refrigerator,” he says, spotting the small baggy right next to some eggs, and above a drawer of raw vegetables (for making shakes, of course).

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Then, Diplo takes us on another adventure down some stairs and into a deck-turned chicken coop. “This is Beyoncé and Kelly,” he says, noting his Destiny’s Child-themed farm birds. “When you grab a chicken, you want to be forceful, yet fair,” he says, as he picks one up and starts doing some squats with the chicken as both an object and a spectator of this outrageous happening.

“I have these giant leg muscles and I’ve never done a squat in my life,” he jokes, mere seconds after doing squats.

But, somehow, all this bizarre, paradox-like behaviour seems uniquely Diplo. And at this point, we’re kinda into it. “I love running outside, but when I’m on a treadmill, I at least know where I’m going,” he says. Never change, man. Never change.

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