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If You’ve Never Seen a Bedbug Infestation, This is What it Looks LIke

Anyone who’s ever had bedbugs know how disgusting it is. You expect your bed to be a place where you can get away with all the monstrosities of the outside world – not a place where you sleep with them.

A couple who stayed at the Park Hotel in New York City over New Years recorded a video of a disgusting bedbug infestation that’d taken over their mattress. 

Here’s the horrifying footage:

Look how many of the bloody things there are!

The weird thing about bedbugs is that they inject an anaesthetic before they bite you, so many people don’t even know they’re sharing a bed with insects until they wake up with red bumps all over their body. 

The guy in the video, Egin Ozlen, says they had to change room twice prior to filming this video due to the heating not working and faulty power outlets. They thought they’d gotten third time lucky, but when his girlfriend woke up with a rash on her arms and stomach, it prompted the couple to check for bedbugs.

If you’re going away on vacation and don’t want to suffer the same fate as these two, there are some precautions you can take. Inspect the sheets and mattress for bug skin, black spots (that’s their poop), or actual bugs themselves (they’re tiny, flat and brown).

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