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Do Not Try This Man’s Post-Workout Meal At Home

It’s a hard pass from us.

If the latest trend to emerge on TikTok is anything to go by, people will clearly try anything when it comes to optimising their workout performance. From those who are dry scooping pre-workout to others glugging back raw eggs and protein shakes, getting that fuel in is clearly a subjective choice. Though we all know the necessity of doing so, how we go about doing it is fair game. Nutritionists to personal trainers have weighed in on what amounts to a good post-workout meal to aid recovery and while some tend to be more scientifically-backed than others, we can’t help but question where this man got his meal info. 

One man has single-handedly caused outrage on Twitter after revealing that he consumes raw chicken and out-of-date steak when it comes to his post-workout meal recovery plan. @BlazenBrady shocked his fellow Twitter users when he shared a photo of his typical diet, with raw steak and chicken sat alongside some bacon. He captioned the post: “Post-workout meal: fresh raw chicken, week-old steak I left in my fridge, my favourite, bacon, raw butter, milk.”

He continued: “Chicken is not bad at all and tastes fine. This meal is my standard meal I usually eat all the time, I eat mainly more steak over chicken though usually.”

But wait, surely the chicken is cooked? Apparently not. After countless messages rolled in to Blazen asking whether the diet was legit or not, he shared a video of himself explaining why he consumes the food he does, and in it he even appears to be munching on raw poultry. 

The video was captioned: “Since everyone is asking me for a video of eating raw chicken here you go. And remember the Raw Primal Diet is your natural diet, that regenerates you over time and will make you feel amazing.”

In the clip he explains, “It’s not even bad bro, you guys are tripping, like, I mean you guys are terrified of it just because they told you there’s bacteria in it. It’s your natural diet, like you’ll literally naturally want to want to eat it.”

He continued, “It tastes the same. Like, maybe it’s not as good tasting, it’s not like amazing tasting, but it doesn’t taste f**king bad. It’s literally your normal diet. Here you go.”

Then, he proceeds to bite into raw chicken as he explains: “Two seconds, there you go. I just eat it every single f**king day. I’m not going to lie. I washed it down with milk to get used to it when I first started because I didn’t like the taste so much – now it’s a lot easier. I still do the milk because it’s easier to wash it all down but it doesn’t taste bad at all, bro. I could eat f**king rotten meat, two-week-old meat, bro.”

Please, make it stop.

The Raw Primal diet is a thing, but generally stresses that people eat raw, minimally processed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, certain oils and diary products. More importantly, cooked meats are allowed in the diet, but it recommends those following it eat foods as close to natural as possible. Consuming raw chicken is never recommended, and in fact doing so has been linked to numerous illnesses like campylobacter, salmonella, and even E.coli. This can cause serious conditions that prove debilitating, as well as other things like abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting and fever. 

While there’s a lot out there on the Internet about what meals to eat after a workout, we’d definitely urge you to steer clear of this one. Just opt for the protein shake fellas, it’s one you can count on. 

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