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Study Reveals What To Eat For Breakfast To Avoid Weight Gain

Need help choosing from the breakfast menu? Don’t worry, research has revealed what to order to keep weight gain away. 

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiologythe less you eat, the more at risk you are: less than 11 per cent of your recommended daily calorie intake at breakfast can make you put on weight.

This roughly translates to approximately 275 calories for men. Two-hundred and twenty calories for women. 

Consuming less than the recommended amount is linked to weight gain

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Scientists found that participants who ate less than the recommended amount put on one and a half kilos in the following years. 

According to the research, a substantial breakfast is about 22 per cent of your recommended intake or 550 calories. 

To put that into perspective, two eggs on toast is about 502 calories while a bacon and egg roll can range from 350 to 550 calories depending on whether you include sauce and how the bacon is cooked. 

Including vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes is a good way to hit the calorie count without turning to unhealthy foods such as high-sugar cereals. 



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